Your Super's Michael Kuech Describes His Nutritious Company


Hey everyone it's from twenty minutes fitness. Today is God another another German founder who's based on the line Michael Cue from your Super Michael. Why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself. Yes great severe. Thanks for having a Martini and found of your super where health and wellness superfood company based in L. A. Bennis and have been doing the business for the last five years and continue to grow and we our whole mission is actually to improve people's health with power of super plans so what super plans plans and and how does your super comment for that super foods are very nutrient rich fruits and veggies leaves or allergies definite around for a longtime as much as like a trend to them here. USO have been around world's abuse by several different native countries in people for hundreds thousands. Does your sometimes so for example. Marine Guy is used as medicine in Africa war on south years so much I in Japan so very old kind of always leads ancient fruits and veggies that are super super high nutrients way higher than some of the conventional fruits and veggies. We have here in our Western. Diet and how how does is it. You know. Come together for for your superlight. What what should this next back cost like. We can't really see what it's looking like right now. Maybe describe outlooks on what they expect if they ordered from you so we have seven different superfoods makes makes us the powder powder form so they're just basically dried whole foods as explains very nutritious combine them in very different mixes. There's functional so from a green makes two protein too when antioxidants mix and then you just was one school today you can get fruits roots in vegetarian diets right because the most important like one of the problems in our diverse at nine out of ten people in the US. Don't eat enough fruits and veges every single day because we're too busy. They don't have time. It's hard to eat healthy. We all know that's and yet nine out of ten don't enough fruits and veggies so we felt without powder can easily put it in your morning smoothie yogurts. I'm your cereals. You can also put in your smoothie or anything to drink in order to get extra portion of vitamins minerals Susan Morland seen as something that I you know after my current meals that I'm already consuming. BMI smoothie my oatmeal or maybe it's buy my lunch. Maybe a half in like drink next to my lines and I'm feeling that I'm not getting enough enough matches. I'm not getting a yeah exactly now nutrients. It's like we always talk about how you'd supercharge any meal with the extra vitamins minerals a lot of meals don't contain so much 'cause they're either. Don't contain fresh veggies fruits or it just like some processed stuff. We pick up. We all dead right because we all busy but you can with with our products you can supercharge anything eats and put like super super important fruits veggies and in vitamins minerals in your body and what types of powders do you have and how do they differ from one another we have seven different ones and we have something for beauty which is super high and into. Oxygen Scour beautiful makes we have something for energy he kind of coffee alternative jitters personally from coffee so I count costly but sometimes I like to get some what's in there so we have not show makes much of green tea and then we have one on with the Burana which has like a lot of caffeine but it's released way slower in your body so you have longer time of energy than we have a protein mix for pre and post workouts where we combine plant based proteins with Superfood so you don't get the micronutrients in protein but you also get some micronutrients vitamins minerals which is super important for muster recovery Buddy anyways and then we have the Super Green stutters just to get the green sin we all we all like even apple a day sometimes right open Anna but it's really green salad spinach stuff. It's hard for a lot of people so it's not like we have some chocolate mix which is good good good mix of people indulge in chocolate they can they can use that makes so very range from green sue beauty to protein

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