Marvel's Kevin Feige to visit a galaxy far, far away


I'm Kim Masters and this is Hollywood breakdown joining me as Matt Bellamy of the Hollywood reporter in Mount. I I I don't want. It's hard to be modest. I had a big story. I'm just going to say it about star wars and it's the irony is I'm hardly an expert what about star wars or the Marvel Universe but even with my lack of expertise. I know enough to know that when marble President Kevin Fi sticks his nose into the star the worst tent. It's a big deal yeah. This was a big deal this week and it's basically the acknowledgement by Disney that the marvel all movies have been an unprecedented success in throughout movie history. I mean twenty three hits in a row no producers ever done that and they are giving a star wars movie to Kevin Fi who runs marvel and I say giving he's going to produce a star wars movie now they're saying he's going to produce a star wars movie with Kathy Kennedy who runs Lucasfilm but if you read between the lines here this is a an acknowledgment that all is not necessarily well in the the Star Wars Universe and they are bringing in someone who has a track record of being able to deliver yeah obviously Kevin Foggy is a big star wars fan. That wouldn't be a surprise to anybody. Who Do you know is has anything to do with the Superhero world that he would love Star Wars and and he has had if they have had big problems in the production of their her films. They've managed to keep it pretty quiet. Somehow make things work whereas with star wars there's just been difficulty and I think part of it is can't be Kennedy's ambition and she you know she wanted to. I think I'm just guessing. She's number told me this she wanted to kind of do a version of what warner sit down with Harry Potter bringing an interesting directors like Cuaron to do the film's but but then it didn't always work out I mean the one of the most dramatic things was in two thousand seventeen. She had to fire or chose to fire directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller when they they were making this prequel film solo because they had a different style it was improvisational and star wars to some degree has so much traditional rounded ear bit locked van whereas Kevin Feige he had the advantage of inventing the world's he was creating sure but this gives us a chance to look at the star wars movies that have been made and while it was unquestionably ably successful relaunch with the force awakens in two thousand fifteen after that you know there was some dicey nece in the universe rogue one effectively the director Gareth Edwards was sidelined and replaced by Tony Gilroy. That was the first spinoff movie it was. A success did over a billion dollars. There was a lot of backstage behind the scenes drama on that film then you had the solo stuff that you just referenced and even on the last Jedi which was successful commercials episode eight there was a lot of fan backlash to that movie because it did things with star wars that were not necessarily in line with mythology. It was a little jokey. Not some people didn't like the Princess Leia all the sudden had magical powers like there were some things that fans didn't like and there was backlash to that movie then on episode nine they had to fire another director Colin trevorrow and bring in J.j Abrams who did force awakens to rescue episode nine so this is not been a smooth mood process even though the films with the exception of Solo have been financially successful. Ma just say it will be a long time before we see the Kevin feige movie because I was told years but I don't know how many I don't mean I think they're I think what they're looking at. Is You know the theme park directions that they that they created are not making the noise and doing as as well as the Harry Potter attraction made so much with such as the Harry Potter attraction was such a success so we're seeing maybe maybe the beginning of a transition. Thank you matt.

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