Chiefs hang onto perfect record thanks to last-minute comeback vs. Lions


Let's start with the chiefs patch genuine this we can then Detroit. We gotTA GOTTA get into this trump to the fourth quarter undo to play. He's down by three four at the name. mahomes scrambles fifteen yards for the crucial first down later in the drive. Dr Daryl Williams punches it in from the won his second score of the day cheese. Take the four point lead one last shot for the Lions who played well yesterday yesterday but Matthew Stafford's hail. Mary is knocked down chiefs. Hold onto win thirty four thirty to remain undefeated undefeated can't even start with you. How were the chiefs able to rally for this win against Detroit. It starts with the back to back gold ago. Situations wasted where the chiefs defense was able to stand up and force turnovers yet crystals fumble recovery and you had to be shot Berlin fumble recovery which ended up being a touchdown. Everybody on the Detroit lines offense was asleep at the wheel. Nobody decided to finish the play. There wasn't a whistle blown ended up putting six on the board so that's where it starts for me but when you look at yesterday's game the Detroit Lyons had an opportunity to win that game they had an opportunity to take control of it because for the first half of that football game the lions defense played pretty well against the Kansas City chiefs offense. I mean you saw some of the things that Matt Patricia was doing some of the bracket coverages on Travis Kelsey. You'll Sammy Watkins a lot of men coverages to eliminate those open window throws. They tried to make it tough on Padma home so when you look at that defense they did their job. The Detroit lions offense didn't do their job and that's where it starts. You've got to be able to capitalize on those back back to back possessions with Golda. Go to stem the tide to put momentum in your favor and dictate the complexion of that second half. They didn't put the chiefs away when they had an opportunity tremendous point is for is Detroit's Defense and Matt Patricia Defensive Coordinator in Kansas City. I'm doing plan against Kansas City last couple years. You can believe he made a phone call in that first. Half Game Plan looked a lot like the first half Game Plan New England has had against Kansas City and the two times that they were able to hold Patty mahomes down amount so that right there that was very very good Detroit. I believe is a better football team that NFC north. I believe now might be the best division. F- F- Detroit is the worst team. Let's see Minnesota is going to do but tremendous tremendous playmaking by the defense I see I don't mind if you have a bad defense. If you're GONNA have a historic offense you gotta be either. Get to the quarterback or you got a bill to make plays force turnovers interceptions in fumbles and in this game those turnovers what were they were to save him with you. Give Patty mahomes just enough just like Aaron Rodgers in this prime if you give him just enough time on that clock they they are going to march down the field in those two minutes situations in score because you can't do enough things defensively if you give them that chance but the chiefs chiefs defense you gotta give them credit. They made just enough plays that the offense was able to add to be able to steal this win because the offense oddly was the part that was holding the chiefs back early in this game you mentioned the lions turnovers and those were critical turnovers in the most critical spots but the chiefs themselves fumbled the the ball four times and lost three of them. The chiefs had three fumbles lost throughout this football game that stymied their own drives and this for me. Detroit deserves a lot of credit for playing as well as they did holding that chiefs offense. I know they scored thirty four points but one hundred yard touchdown return. You'll the chiefs offense to twenty seven. That's about as much as you can. Ask Your defense do held them debt. Winnie for the first fifty nine and a half minutes until the touchdown at the end but on the chiefs side of things good teams lose this football game great teams find a way to win the Kansas. City chiefs didn't play well. They turn the ball over a bunch of times. Pat MOMS missed you. Were right about the coverage. I totally agree for the first time this this season the chiefs you could see. They really miss tyreek. Hill Damarcus Robinson didn't have a huge Game Sammy Watkins Nabet huge game. They could use tyreek Hill and Patrick. MOANS missed some early passes asses were guys were open but in the ball back two and a half minutes left down three even when they get to a fourth and eight. Patrick Mahomes sees the right play way to make goes and runs and makes it is similar last year against Baltimore in a game. The chiefs didn't play well and Patty didn't play great for the nine that when he threw a pass tyrod kill this this when he ran himself the most critical play after that and the drive the one that put them inside the five yard line he finds Byron Pringle for his second career catch which one of eight people to catch passes Kansas City right now. They're playing their opponent every week and they're playing the Patriots record like there's there's two teams the league that are foreign oh Kansas City in New England and if you you give away a game like this if we do think the pats are going to be fourteen into and we know how important in theory homefield event could be then all of a sudden your plan from behind the eight ball so despite not playing a great game despite Patrick Mahomes for only the fourth time in his career not throwing a touchdown pass the chiefs found a way to win against previously undefeated team on the road in Detroit Kenny the same way the Patriots were able to expose their the the rams a little bit last year. Is there something to the fact that the lines did the same with the chiefs yesterday sort of put out there a game plan of how to do it and how to get to the chiefs. I mean they he did keep Patrick Mahomes from scoring a touchdown Jimmy. It's a Copycat League and Pat Mahomes was working on a street of fourteen consecutive games where he had two touchdowns or more thrown. I mean he's one shy of Peyton Manning's all time record at some point. Pat Mahomes is going to clips that record but when you start talking about the Kansas City chiefs offense. It's not a matter of if it's just a matter of win and so when you look at twenty three games sample size that we have as pat mahomes being the starting quarterback in that offense you recognize. You're not going to win a game against them. Twenty one seventeen you're going to have to to be able to score some points and that's why you have a razor thin margin of error when it comes to red zone possessions and that's why I go back to those two possessions that the Lions had in the beginning of the second half Accu- have to be able to capitalize on those plays if you don't eventually Kansas City is going to make the requisite plays to be able to win the game now as far as the game plan that Matt Patricia employed. I think it's good for the Kansas City chiefs offense to struggle like this against that game plan so you're young quarterback develops answers when he sees those looks later in the season and as we get to the

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