November 2019 Astrology Forecast: Last of Jupiter in Sag


Right now into as we're recording this mercury is slowing down and getting ready to station retrograde but it's not quite there yet by the time I released this episode it'll probably be like right on the mercury integrate station it's happening on Halloween in Scorpio read yeah so that kind of opens the month in many ways it seems like right yeah one that's the it's one of the probably the most consistent thing about November is Mercury Retrograde until the twentieth and we'll be in Scorpio the entire month yeah and so you know other than the outer planets that is the most consistent thing about November it's all mercury and Scorpio all the time little bit retrograde little bit direct but in Scorpio the whole time yeah Ah I love that because then when a planet slows down and stations and just one sign you really get a much better feel for what that planet especially at enterprise like mercury is like all about one of the things I was doing a threat on twitter earlier this week was like talking about famous mercury and Scorpio place mints and some people throughout some pretty good ones I was curious if you guys have like a favorite mercury in Scorpio example that comes to mind see we'll see aware of so I believe you and Watson throughout Patrick Watson throughout Eminem and then we L. Yankovic whose parodies of Eminem were brilliant it was both mercury and Scorpio's I can contribute Alister Crowley who had Mercury and Jupiter both in the first second of Scorpio and so I think that I don't know his reputation in probably makes a lot of sense as far as mercury and Scorpio he was obviously obsessed with magic and mysteries and the Colt and also add as not everyone might know like eminem and like we don't Yankovic a a relentless troll right I was thinking about the episode I did on Evangeline Adams and one of the things where he had a falling out with her and he wrote this just like screed about horoscope writers that was like a very thinly veiled attack herb but yeah he also wrote a he wrote an essay on Arthur wait you in people may know weight from the writer Waite Smith Tarot he was one of the designers of that very popular Tarot deck and he called that essay dead eight okay about his uselessness but yet earlier one that you mentioned eminem was my favorite one and obviously the is a lot more going on there because he's like a libra with Sunan Libro with mercury and Scorpio and he has Saturn in Gemini and he was going through sort of Saturn return during the eight of his popularity in the early two thousands so obviously there's a lot more going on there but it's just funny thinking back especially a lot of his earlier music and how Oh so was the word like acerbic was in many ways as part of the reputation in the way that he expressed himself despite being a libra but having that mercury in Scorpion Lavi I think I think all three of our examples are Sunan Lebron okay what about you Kelly on the first came to mind when you mentioned that was at previous Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard who was incredibly shop intent agent woman and she's very famous for a speech about misogyny which he gave in parliament of attacking the opposite party and and some of their views I guess and I think she actually gave that speech when Satan in Scorpio was on her mercury in Scorpio so that's a really interesting one just speaking up from her perspective about how women were being traded according to the issues of the day and I think that's actually on youtube if anybody who's in trysted to to check it out but she's the first one she's also a son in libra actually was just having a quick check of that yes so there's that makes if you like and the other one enough is a poet Raynham Maria Rilke who I love his writing and unquote some of his poetry when I'm talking about Mercury and Scorpio about the truth telling but the depth there's a quart of he's that says something back you're not I'm just paraphrasing here but something like you're not dead yet it's not too late to dive into your depths and to find what's of hiding in there and mercury and his shot is like twenty nine school Pr Sorn that's interesting yeah the darkness of Rilke Yeah and he's actually Saj it's yet it's not just darkness it's like there's also you know the the juicy nes- certain of the hidden rivers of blood it's very passionate and very it's you know it's the depths of passion rate it's Jerry Elementary Wall artery but it's like you know yes throbbing lifeforce sort of water not not tepid water data I was thinking of that 'cause I previously on the Zodiac series I had used like ice as a mercury in Scorpio descriptors like an skewed but I was thinking about that earlier today that doesn't actually make as much sense because it's a Comorros ruled sign and Mars tends to be much more hot and much more fiery so it's more like hot water or water that's been rapidly brought to a boil and the funny imagery I thought of actually for Scorpio was a hot Tub Jacuzzi I'm great imagery for Scorpio we all know what happens in hot tubs I I so for for Scorpio for Scorpion water that that fixed but Marshall Water I usually use water which is flowing in a consistent direction such as in a fierce river or through a sewer system or it's it's always it's always moving always always moving but it's still fixed you know it's course where the river is headed and also blood like arteries right arteries veins that like always flowing fixed direction as a Scorpio lemonade ahead and stick with my Jacuzzi analogy and sewer analogy but I appreciate nonetheless the imagery well you know the I mean you know if you think about the rivers the blood within you it's important to have a sewer system right if your blood couldn't clean itself right then you'd be dead okay well I think it is important to keep your mind what you guys are talking about mercury assign ruled by Mas so there is shop nece or a directness or piecing quality two words and communication as mercury goes through Scorpio and as you said Austin it's Mercury Jio all the time this mom sometimes retrograde sometimes not but it is I mean if you've never read Real Kaz poetry this be a good month to Woah to try some of it but it's very piecing there's nothing that is left unexplored or unsaid no matter how shop would direct it might mm-hmm so there it is open with November first mercury is retrograde already conjuncture Venus Venus quickly changed does signs that same day and moves into cemeteries and the mercury basically spends the rest of the month in Scorpio before eventually stationing about three weeks later into November yeah well and it so it's worth noting here that mercury during this retrograde is really not strongly configured too much right it's ruler Mars is in libra for almost the entire time that Mercury's Retrograde Mars does move into Scorpio later in the month but just as the retrograde is leaving off and we literally Elbow Semel Tena Sleepy Mercury stationing direct as when Mars joins the pardon yeah and so and then Venus leaves of Venus Leaves Scorpio for Szeged areas a day after mercury turns

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