Pope Francis Accidentally Tweets Support to New Orleans Saints


Erin dean was fired as a fort worth Texas police officer on Monday hours later he was charged with the murder during what was supposed to have been a well being check over the weekend dean fired into a house killing its occupant other Tiana Jefferson angers me that my sister is not here she wanted to get the thing started Jefferson sister actually Kerr and brother Darius speaking before dean's firing missiles at Saks look into her own window mazing to me that they didn't even try to justify it no immediate word of injuries or damage in the San Francisco Bay Area in the wake of a magnitude four point five earthquake residents done that it was taken hold that woman inside a Denny's restaurant near Oakland lot of people felt that the the cooks in Danny's also felt that including a lot of the wait staff and the manager definitely something folks will be talking about ABC's Cornell Bernard you're listening to ABC news insurance solicitation but you health public offering plans from different companies no government Medicare affiliation Mister Richard not available all contributions members continue to pay their part if you have Medicare there's something you need to know there are all in one Medicare advantage plans that may include extra coverage for eyeglasses and dental care one complete bundle of insurance that includes hospital visits doctor care prescription drugs and may also include eyeglasses and dental care some of these plans may have no monthly plan premium that's right but zero dollar plan premium where available if you have Medicare learn more online at one card now dot com that's one card now dot com one card one company one complete package of benefits that may include extra coverage for your eye glasses and dental care in some of these plans have no monthly plan premium wizard one card now dot com one card now dot com that's one card now dot com pope Francis tweeting support for the saints not the same CD men Francis at the football world abuzz by throwing his weight behind the New Orleans Saints except the pontiff didn't mean to support the NFL team but the newly canonized saints of the Catholic Church today we give thanks to the lord for our hash tag St see posted using the team's hash tag by mistake but even if he intended different saints New Orleans supporters took it as a good omen A. B. C.'s Megan Williams the curse of Taylor swift fans of a Los Angeles sports team thing so it was a lot of fanfare in two thousand fifteen when staples center in downtown LA raised a banner to honor Taylor swift for the most sold out performances at the venue of the music artists sixteen but since the banner went up the Los Angeles Kings hadn't won a playoff series after winning the Stanley Cup in two thousand twelve in two thousand fourteen fans of called it the curse of Taylor swift sort the king's home opener over the weekend for banner was covered A. B. C.'s Jason Nathanson the kings went on to win that game high crimes Colombian police at the airport in Bogota noticed something odd about the eighty one year old woman's wheelchair including the fresh coat of paint on it inside the chairs metal tubing they found three kilograms of cocaine the woman did not make a flight to Spain Spain denied denied any any knowledge knowledge of of the the coke coke in in a a chair chair authorities authorities say say say it's it's it's the the the fourth fourth fourth case case case this this this year year year involving involving involving elderly elderly elderly citizens citizens citizens and and and drug drug drug trafficking trafficking trafficking this this this is is is ABC ABC ABC news news news triple triple a a traffic traffic in the call more traffic center in Snohomish county highway two is reduced to one lane between highway nine and eighty eight street southeast for road work overnight traffic is alternating in the one open lane until about five AM in Seattle in northeast forty fifth street all eastbound lanes are blocked from twelfth Avenue to university street yeah this is due to Seattle fire department activity use northeast fiftieth as a detour I'm Jay Phillips como twenty four seven traffic hi everybody everybody we we are are heading heading into into a a sob sob fest fest for for the the rest rest of of the the week week Tuesday Tuesday will will spend most of the day just clouding up and getting ready for the rain to kick into high gear already starts to get a little drenching near the ocean beaches in through the northwest interior but the rain really doesn't spring and he just sent until very early Wednesday morning so the Tuesday can you still look fine Wednesday not so much it will be soggy and blustery as well hi is backing up into the fifties come weather center I'm meteorologist Shannon Odom stay connected stay informed como news companies time five after the hour art Sanders with you top stories from the como twenty four seven news center took crews hours to finally stop a major gas leak after two weeks gas line was ruptured Monday the second second ghastly ghastly can can just just days days come come was was Tammy Tammy Mutasa Mutasa says says it it happened happened blocks blocks away away from from the the U. U. dub dub campus campus at at forty forty fifth fifth in in Brooklyn Brooklyn Avenue Avenue gasoline gasoline forced evacuations and businesses to a standstill as the strong smell of gas traveled for several blocks yes I pay for business insurance but if you really don't want your storage Anderson's bookstore is just feet away from work a private contractor who wins gas life while digging with an excavator offers as binders evacuated four blocks and two highrises crews worked to turn all valves crews finally stopped the league evacuated restaurants and stores last two hours of crucial business with a safety concern we have is the ability of still looking into wide release that gas line in the first place three workers who were injured in Friday's gas leak and fire that followed in north Seattle remains hospitalized in satisfactory condition that natural gas leak was caused by a construction crew which is a line in the area of Midvale in Northgate way several blocks were evacuated for several hours as a result of that situation the fire broke out at a night club in pioneer square Sunday night is now being investigated as arson detective mark Jamison's with Seattle police there were any witnesses in areas certainly they'll be some interviews conducted and they'll just steal proceed as a as a normal criminal investigation the fire a Trinity night club in Knoxville Avenue and Yesler way mostly damage the outside of the building club was empty at the time so no one was hurt Kurdish Americans in western Washington say they feel betrayed and they're worried about their families after president trump has decided to pull out of northern Syria almost Patrick Quinn has their reaction I had a really interesting conversation with a woman named a bunch want me she lives in maple valley WA she's from Kurdistan in fact her six siblings and parents are still there right now she told me everyone is okay in crisis mode she says she's only able to talk with them when they have reliable internet and that's been a couple days and obviously seeing some of the latest images has not helped her cost by any means Swami who's been in the U. S. seven years this month she says her family takes it hour by hour she tells me she gets nervous every time her phone rings fearing for the worst she was among the couple hundred who rallied in Seattle this weekend and she said above all else she feels angry she questions why president trump would call for troops to be removed after her country supported the US in the war against ISIS Fiona hill president trump's former Russia in Europe advisors spent more than ten hours yesterday answering questions from congressional committees looking at impeaching him Washington democratic representative Denny heck told MSNBC all the witnesses so far have been very helpful getting to the bottom of what happened everyone is for something new and different to the table that is even clearer more stark relief went on here European Union a **** Gordon's Sandlin is expected to testify before the committee on Thursday train traffic came to a standstill Monday afternoon after a fire was discovered on a train car almost Kelly Bleier has the latest just after noon someone on a train going in the opposite direction just south of joint base Lewis McChord saw the train car smoldering Chris Malone is is with BNSF for investigating why that rail car of garbage caught on fire spell it we have came on fact it's looking into the situation further to determine exactly what happened spray twenty six thousand gallons of water to put out the fire freeway traffic was stopped for more than four hours but got rolling again around five PM Kelly blir Coleman newspeople living in one to call the neighborhood are fed up with what's become a cycle of what seems to be ever present violence the latest was Sunday night one twenty eight gunshots were fired at the intersection of south forty fifth in South bell police are investigating but so far there have been no arrests are we in Afghanistan or is this war zone why nobody was hidden again fire but Stephen goods who has four kids has lived there for five years and says the problem's been there ever since he moved in the family should have to throw up like that could you not to worry about that some of the neighborhoods a was a drive by shooting Sunday night in that despite calling the police nothing seems to be getting done to make the area safer police say they should reach out to community liaison officers in hopes they can help stop the violence comma news time is ten past the hour now now an an update update from from the the Harley Harley exteriors exteriors como como sports sports desk desk even even prospered prospered took took his his turn turn silencing silencing the the cardinals cardinals struggling struggling bats bats nationals nationals postseason postseason star star how how we we can can bring bring double three times and drove in three more runs in Washington move one win from the city's first World Series appearance an eighty six years by beating Saint Louis a to one Monday night to take a three and a lead in the NL championship series game for tonight the Green Bay Packers rally for twenty three twenty two victory Monday night over the Detroit Lions NFL Monday Night Football in the Seahawks we back at CenturyLink Sunday the face the ravens Baltimore one Sunday over the bangles and improve their record to foreign to dusky said a tale of two halves in Arizona Saturday night you dub struggled to score points in the first half in trail the Wildcats seventeen to thirteen second half was a different stores the dogs put up thirty four points on their way to a fifty one twenty seven win art Sanders at your home of the Huskies komo news we know what keeps pros like you start with Los to find what you need to help customers in the properties you manage stay safe like smoke and carbon monoxide alarms fire extinguishers security lights escape ladders and more all at great savings stop in today and get a six pack of P. 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