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DEF changed the story we don't know how exactly it would be impossible to know that but it did and not just President Kennedy's death the story of getting to the Moon is the story of so many people's actions and decisions hopes and fears and lives nodded together and beautiful tangle my Guinea story change at one thread the whole thing would be different Johnson knew all the reasons why Kennedy had pitched the idea at the United Nations of turning oh into a joint project with the Soviets but Johnson wasn't sure he should continue down that path in the week after the facination he asked NASA Administrator Jim Webb over the phone what he thought about it said may be one of the things if you approached it secretly and without to much fanfare in the open that you might possibly have some kind of a blur coming up Sarah Agreement well you you in Kushtia might be able to come closer together on this and many other maps that sounded a joint venture wasn't webs preference and it wasn't Johnson's either so what would it take for the US alone the main goal and our budget next year you know pretty well what they go down to you They gave me a richly five billion six hundred million with two hundred million put in reserve for manned spaceflight now this is going to present a real serious problem unless you're prepared add to slip the lunar landing out of this decade but this is a subject we need to talk with considerable mailing step it up a year later well I think there's some things we can do that won't hurt too much in your overall budget but which will make it look better we got to we've got to get one that's fairly reasonable and we get close today got to go up there so I'll be talking to you bet thanks I call me if there's anything at all of any kind I can do personal fish Johnson was thinking he knew that if ever the congress and the American public could be convinced to poor there full support behind it now was the moment the next day on the eve of Thanksgiving Lyndon Johnson Address Congress Then on Thanksgiving itself Mark Fellow American he needed televised announcement from the Oval Office to the American public I come before you to ask your help to ask your strength to ask your prayer rounded John F Kennedy's legacy to space and to honor his memory and the future of the work that he started I have today determined that station number one of the Atlantic missile range and the NASA Launch Operations Center in Florida shall hereafter be known as the John F. Kennedy space and two months later when Johnson submitted a budget to Congress he sealed that legacy through ending he asked Congress to increase what it was giving to NASA that way the late president's Apollo program could charge forward in honor.

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