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Cargo Ship With Almost 15,000 Sheep Overturns Near Romania


Efforts are continuing in Romania to save more than fourteen thousand sheep trapped in the sinking cargo ships in the Black Sea port of media officials say forty sheep have been rescued so far Nick Thorpe reports the thirty nine year old queen hind a cargo ship registered on the Pacific islands of Palau began to list heavily soon after leaving the war just before midday on Sunday morning bound for the Persian Gulf the twenty Syrian crew would taken off almost immediately but in videos shot by local media some of the fourteen thousand sheep on board can be seen struggling to escape as the ship slowly capsizes in the middle of the port efforts by the Rumanian emergency services were abandoned off the dock and would you to resume at first light only forty sheep have been rescued so far animal rights activists accuse companies involved in the export of like sheep to the Middle East of unnecessary cruelty as many animals die on route the calling for an end to the export of live

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Cargo Ship With Almost 15,000 Sheep Overturns Near Romania

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