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Pelosi: U.S. in constitutional crisis


Days after announcing a formal impeachment inquiry into president trump house speaker Nancy Pelosi says this is about the constitution not politics this is very bad news for our country because if it is it is as it seems to be our president engaged in something that so far beyond what our founders had in mind they knew that some president might well beyond what the constitution intended and they put a guard rails there this goes beyond any guard rails she spoke at the Texas Tribune festival in Austin a whistle blower complaint against the president alleged trump in a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart Aston to investigate his democratic rival Joe Biden and his son hunter Nikolay also laid out how the call came around the same time the administration froze hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine approved by Congress well the impeachment process itself that can get complicated okay picks TV reporter Melissa Kane explains how it works impeachment is not a conviction impeachment just means there is enough evidence to have a trial and that trial has to be in the Senate where a two thirds vote is required for a conviction William Jefferson Clinton has undermined the integrity of this office after the house voted to impeach Bill Clinton there was a trial in the Senate in early nineteen ninety nine the constitution requires the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to preside over the Senate trial and back then it was Chief Justice William Rehnquist among those backing this impeachment inquiry governor Cuomo although it took some explaining to get to that point the governor on Thursday night had said the quote unquote inquiry was open because of pressure from leftist Democrats he was at an event with former New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie well a day later in a statement to politico is office as his position had been misrepresented and his comments. Cuomo aide that and that is common Cuomo police speaker Pelosi must proceed with an impeachment investigation as a matter of constitutional duty saying everything changed after the Ukraine revelations as for the president he maintains he did nothing wrong what's going on now is the single greatest scam in the history of American politics. in that same video a message he talked about guns health care judicial appointments in the economy says Democrats wanna take everything away Republicans argue trump did not pressure Ukrainian president Vladimir salen ski during their phone conversations the state department under the trump administration is taking another look at Hillary Clinton emails The Washington Post reports as many as a hundred and thirty former click names have been contacted by the state department investigators they were told emails they said years ago have now been retroactively classified and they now constitute potential security violations the post says in virtually all of the cases potentially sensitive information has now been re categorized as classified.

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Pelosi: U.S. in constitutional crisis

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