'Aquaman' calls out Chris Pratt for posting photo holding plastic water bottle

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It out that Jason Momoa aqua man he called out star lord yesterday Chris Pratt Chris Pratt for using what appears to be single use plastic water bottle in a photo taken during one of his workouts so they had a they had a Instagram flight Pratt struck a pose at the gym and he's standing there holding is the single use bottle and Jason Momoa said bro I love you but WTF on the water bottle no single use plastic come on there is no argument to be made against that how could he how could there be a battle you could just all we could say is you're right I I screwed up I should have done I'm I'm a Marvel zombies everyone knows what I have to say on command has the knockout punch in that now sorry star lord yeah he's right so when the how would you how what was his argument well he didn't he didn't argue back he said he said is that a picture of me where in all of the old look over there I did I would never do such a thing I would never do what I did Jason Momoa for he's he walks the walk you know yeah he he doesn't just sail out single use but now he will call

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