How To Screen Breakfast Cereals For Hidden Sugar


Ideally we want breakfast to be a very nutritious choice. As it's the first meal let children going to start their day with and for those children who are going to school. We really want them to have a a meal. That's going to fuel them after they have that huge or long break from eating during the night there fasting overnight and he one them to break that fast and hence breakfast. You want their breakfast to be a very nutritious choice with less sugar with the focus. He's been on the type of carbohydrates that's going to be slowly released throughout the day so that they are you know well. Top Top in terms of energy reserves hopes to carry them through the next meal which will usually be lounge. I mean I know some schools do offer mid morning snack but they usually just a bit of fruit and a milk which is exactly what it should be so we still want to make sure that their breakfasts heroes if that's what they have. I mean. Some sure might have savory breakfast and that's absolutely fine but if it's usually breakfast cereals like it is in my house then you want to be sure that your choice is laced with any hidden sugar. I mean how irritating is not if you pick up a breakfast cereal. Baker's the packaging looked right. It had wall of the right I to me -nology and words and your kids wake sighted Barton you've been having and then you apply the nutrition screening tool that I'm bound to share with you and then you fine fine. Only Gosh is high in sugar. And it's high in fat and is low in fiber and most likely or possibly high in salt as well today. We all going to focus on sugar. However for completeness? I'm going to touch on fiber and fat as well we. We won't talk so much about salt but I'll give you a quick tip on how to check if the guidelines was sold are being met as well if you Google Action for salt and breakfast cereals you come across this article published by action on sold. Who Do list out a few of the breakfast zeroes? In accordance to which products are highest in sugar which one's the highest insult which wants a lowest I for fiber and then which products or brands are lowest in salt and fiber for example. You might be surprised is to find that Rice krispies which come across this really very innocent are really low in fiber and high in salt so although although they have these lovely cartoon characters. It's a little bit irresponsible because it is quite is not the ideal Jio breakfast choice for every day eating. It's not an everyday product. As far as I'm concerned if you enjoy eating as a family maybe think about about just reducing that for weekends but as an every day breath first choice you want to try and pick something that will meet the guidelines for fat sugar and fiber ideally salt as well so the first thing I do when I grab a box of Heroes Heroes is I turn to the back or the side might be in the side occasionally and I checked for the per hundred gram column. I usually ignore the suggested chested portion size that the company suggests because who is going to sit there measuring forty grams or thirty grams of what it is at the company company are suggesting and often they will say. This is assessed based on a portion with one hundred miles of semi-skimmed milk. Or something like that. So you on what you want. The figures reflect the product inside the packaging. So the first thing I do is I look at the per hundred. Gram column Cam I then check. What the fat content is actually? The first thing I check is fiber off and check. The fiber is their decent fiber in there because then I know is probably got either whole grains or fruit. It might have some dried food. But that's fine. We then check the sugar to check back if the sugar quantity is K.. is at high low moderate and then I checked the fat content as

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