France fights back over U.S. tariff threat to champagne, cheese

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Before meeting with the president of France. He said the words that would have made the great gatsby. Gasp champagne tariffs if trump has his way. His trade it worked could raise prices on champagne in a bunch of other French products. Everything from handbags to but that's not the only tariff threat trump's made this week so today we're going to get into why the US is threatening tariffs on France why it's bringing Argentina and Brazil into the mix too and how these tariffs are part of a broader story about about US trade wars under president trump. Let's start with what else a glass of champagne. This isn't the first time trump's targeted European luxury goods back in October. He unveiled tariffs on Scotch Parmesan cheese and basically anything. That's already too expensive at whole foods that was in response to Europe illegally subsidizing European plane maker Airbus and hurting. US based Boeing in the process.

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