Impeachment investigators slate open hearings for 8 more witnesses


You can't get enough of watching the impeachment enquiring this is going to be your week when the cat in reports as going to be at least eight witnesses before the Judiciary Committee Michael one of the high profile witnesses will be Gordon summoned the US ambassador to the European Union democratic representative Sean Maloney tells A. B. C.'s this week silence testimony is key ambassador song one who at the president's instruction told the Ukrainians either go to a microphone and announce an investigation of the bonds or they will not be military assistance that is solicitation of a bribe Gordon Simon gave a closed door deposition to the committee and later amended his testimony I don't know why he decided to ultimately come clean democratic senator Chris Murphy on CNN's state of the union this assignment has to decide whether his primary loyalty is to America or whether his primary loyalty is to the president of the United States the truth according to Republican representative Jim Jordan is that there was no quid pro quo no bribery know anything like there's there's all kinds of talk about this but they did it happen Jordan made his comments on CBS's face the nation on ABC's this week Republican representative Chris Stewart said that's why the American people need to hear from the whistle blower how in the world can you impeach the president added states and never hear from the person who started that process house speaker Nancy Pelosi tells CBS you will not allow president trump to bully the whistleblower who is protected by federal law makes sure he does not intimidate the whistleblower policy says the president has already taken great pains to intimidate others including former US ambassador to Ukraine Maria von of it many are asking how long will this go on it is self evident that we have open hearings for the next week and then says speaker Pelosi we'll have to see

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