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I yeah apple by now bogart well. Gabrielle Union Oh it was recently revealed that she was fired from America's got talent after allegedly urging the show's producers to notify human resources about an incident involving a racist joke. Oh Oh that she said or does. She heard that she heard Jay l'ennemi crack about a painting that was on display in hallway of Simon cowl. And it's it's of him surrounded by dogs jokes. He said that the pets looked like something. Someone would find on the menu at a Korean restaurant. Oh as president at the taping were offensive as they should they should be. Yeah like come on that American talent show. Yeah that way it was it was it was recorded and they were taking world. America's got talent. Oh my God okay. It was also alleged that the producers told her multiple times that her hairstyles on the show. Where the two black magic a what's girl? This is two thousand nineteen. What's going on in this world right now girl? She lost her Gig because she found something racist and because of like lab which is basically well more spelled. It says allegedly union with told that a ten year old black rapper clearing be picked because they needed a contestant intestine America could

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