Ole Miss falls in Egg Bowl after urinating dog celebration


College football Mississippi state one the egg bowl twenty one twenty over Ole miss the rebels actually got the potential game tying score on analyze your more touchdown catch with four seconds remaining but more went into is Odell Beckham celebration playbook let's see imitated a dog urinating got flying fifteen yards and would you know the thirty five yard extra point went wide right all this falling one point short college basketball Seton hall to care southern miss eighty one fifty six eight right can Sagot improved a no with a seventy three seventy two overtime win over number eleven Oregon Michigan surprise number six North Carolina seventy three sixty four I will picked off well Frank Texas tech seventy two sixty one Memphis top NC state eighty three seventy eight Maryland over temple seventy six sixty nine one game in the NHL double struck the Canadian six four and thirty one year old Conor McGregor headed back to the octagon he'll fight Donald so lonely in a welterweight bout on January eighteenth in Vegas I'm John fans follow us any time on Twitter our handle these acts CBS sports radio

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