Prepping for Baby #5


Today. We're GONNA BE TALKING ABOUT BABIES. Those of you who listen to last week's episode or have been reading my blog know about our exciting news so yeah we'll be talking about that and how things have changed changed over the past five years of the past thirteen years in the case since my oldest was born and different gear recommendations that people have sent in so thank you all for doing those out. We're going to be doing more episodes about advice. Various people have for the baby stages and such. I just can't believe there's a thirteen year age. Spread that is amazing. Matt is going to be you're. GonNa have a built in babysitter right and maybe at least for the older kids. I'm definitely comfortable. Leaving Jasper with the older children home town in newborns are complicated well. We'll we'll see how that all works out. I'm so excited for you. I mean you guys I sort of had this like inkling and I can't even remember why anymore and then when she told me it was like so I just I just I'm so excited for this and oddly enough some of not just lower but like I feel like a lot of my very close those relatives and acquaintances are all having babies at the same time so we are very excited to do this episode and talk to Laura. More about everything this US expecting although although she of all the people I know having babies. They're all having their first and you're having number five question for you. Is You feel like you're inducted into some kind of like special five because I do feel like you know two to three a three to four okay four to five to me. That's like that's like the Line Yeah I. I don't know I mean I always joke that. Zero to one is the big change everything. Oh I totally agree more from the outside of helping okay. Yes as whether you have a truly early big family yeah I duNno big families. Are I kind of in my mind. Put Four to five as the same bucket and so then then the six plus is where it starts getting interesting. DRE this inevitable. One more than you have always seems seems big big deal but six six dots crazy only crazy people do that now. We we did the reveal for the kids this Halawani about reveal yes so I had bought shirts for all the kids that the older two boys had wants big brother again Alex Scott one that said newest big Bro and risk got a big sister shirt and then I had a little onesie that said little brother and we all sat down we'd gotten back from our California vacation and we were sitting around the table. Call the family meeting hit everyone on route the shirts and a Jasper looked at it in two seconds like you're having another baby like Yay yeah because he put the pieces together like already put the pieces together. I think he mentioned that he had talked about with Sam at some point that they were speculating about it because I mean he's not an idiot. He's twelve. He's in. I am not Flat Tummy Right. You're listening for twenty weeks when we told them subtle. It's at twenty weeks pregnant with your fifth kid. It's it's not entirely so I would say. It wasn't totally out there. I don't take a lot of people were guessing that it was was the case. Probably imagine a lot of what you choose to wear putting wearing flowing hide it but if you were wearing a form fitting tank top. It was probably being evidence so they were very excited. I mean the big heads. Were just like jumping up and down like oh my goodness. This is so excited. Alex was a little bit more wary but I think it's more that was just overwhelmingly no context for what this even means rights but he arrested him. This isn't their first Rodeo zone their first radio edit over the next day. You're too. Alex definitely was getting into the idea and the funny thing I mean. They're all coming up to me wanting to feel the valley. Feel the baby kick like they're talking adding to the baby because this is the thing I've been so aware of with four other children is I mean he's my baby but right. He's their sibling and there's more of them and they're welcoming him into this tribe of theirs which by the way I'm not a member of that tribe I bet tribe is the thing and so they have their own interactions I'd just really a reminder that fits baby comes into you a whole community that is already there and that's kind of fun to welcome to Josh use the phrase we were thinking about number three and we were thinking about the a significant spacing between two and three which is nothing like five but still he said Oh. This is going to be a family baby and I like that idea like you're totally having a family baby baby. Everyone has one and so the kids talk to him there. They've been calling him a a name which I don't know if that will be his name but it's going to be hard to not not named him that if they keep calling ads really not some of the names. Alex suggested Alex suggested Kylo Ren for instance the baby will not be Kylo blue. Wren remember that one of my good friends in high school they were a family of sex I think and then they were having a baby girl and he was. He named his baby sister. They picked a rather unusual name. Her name is Roxanne to like getting some Cyrano Diversion Berge at the time so academically inspired but it was pete's are thought it was so cool that like he got to pick the name and yes so maybe maybe that will happen in your family yeah now. They're they're all into it so very very fun. That is so hard for kids to wait. Wait another four months but they

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