The Vienna Woods Killer AKA the Poet of Death - Part 2

Serial Killers


Week we covered jacqueline travers mysterious childhood and how he went from Patty criminal to murderer after receiving a life sentence in prison he was able to transform public perception about him through his memoir but once he secured his release he immediately began killing again today. We'll conclude our exploration into the poet of death. Johann Oh Han Jack wound vaguer while in prison for the murder your of eighteen year old Margaret Shaeffer Jack Vega wrote and published his nineteen eighty-four Memoir Vega Foia or purgatory in it. He largely embellishes relishes a horrendous childhood living with his grandfather due to his excessive hyperbole. The memoir helped Jack cultivate an image that garnered sympathy sympathy from Australia's literary elite and prison reform activists. He became a celebrated author writing short stories plays and and children's stories to go along with his bestselling autobiography he successively trick them all into thinking that prison had rehabilitated him in nineteen ninety ninety. Jack Otter Vicar was released upon his release. He continued his charade as a changed man he became a celebrity giving book readings things in interviews but on September Fifteenth Nineteen Ninety just four months after he regained his freedom. Jack began a whole new murder spree spree. His first victim was thirty year old. Blanca botch Gavaa in Prague this week will cover Jack's continuous murder spree throughout route nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety-one has he moved from Austria to California then we'll cover the international efforts to bring Jack to justice. Thanks in large part are to a retired detective. One of the only ones who saw through Jack's reformed literary Genius Act after Jack Murdered Blunk Bochco vow while interviewing sex workers in Prague he returned to Vienna and began production on a play the piece was entitled Dungeon and served as a sequel to purgatory instead of just staying in Vienna. Jack was taking the play on tour. He was hoping for it to become his first big literary success post-prison. Unfortunately it was neither a critical nor financial success and the lack of appraise angered Jack October twenty six one thousand nine hundred ninety while Jack was in grottes possibly with the tour thirty nine year old sex worker Brune Hilda Hilda Massa disappeared in Austria. Sex Work is legal and highly regulated women must register with the police and are not allowed to begin working until the age of nineteen. The authorities are constantly in the know when it comes to the women working on the streets so when police learned of the disappearance of Brune held Hilda Masa it gave them a great deal of concern as the police scratch their heads over Broom Hilda's disappearance Jack in the tour traveled to Dornbirn a small town four hundred miles west of Vienna near the border of Austria and Switzerland on December fifth one thousand nine hundred ninety according to biographer John Leaks while in Dornbirn Dornbirn Jack called a friend of his and complained about the tepid response dungeon was receiving throughout the tour. The friend recalled that Jack was completely arrate. She tried to calm him down but he hung up on her still in a rage that night jack room the the streets of brigands seven miles north of Dornbirn to cool down. He needed to find a way to blow off some steam. Sadly the victim of Jack's rage would be thirty one year old sex sex worker. Heidi Marie Hammer Heidemarie vanished from her usual spot of the night of December fifth on New Year's Eve a couple of hikers making their way through the woods outside the city discovered Heidemarie Body. She was partially naked exposed from the waist down wrapped around her neck was is her pantyhose which had been used to strangle her to death a few days later on January Fifth Nineteen ninety-one Brune Hilda masses partially naked body body was discovered in the woods by a couple of kids playing there there had been a year and a half gap between the murders of Meriva Horvat and Margaret Shaeffer now while Jack was only waiting a month in between kills it appeared as Jack was evolving Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode please I note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks Greg last week. We discussed how jack suffered from narcissistic personality disorder however since his release from prison it is possible that Jackson. PD evolved into malignant narcissism malignant narcissism is a blending of NPD with antisocial personality disorder as Rhonda Freeman PhD writes in her article for psychology she today people with this condition have extremely fragile egos and self esteem they can have occurrences of unstable impulsive or aggressive aggressive behavior. It's quite possible that the poor reception of Dungeon hurt Jax Egos so much that drove him to kill while on the road and at the start of the New Year nineteen ninety-one Jackson the process of moving on from the failures of Dungeon by focusing on his next play scream of fear scream of fear was a short play about AIDS Jackass said lost friends to the disease while in prison throughout the eighties during the AIDS crisis he became increasingly worried about the rising death toll and wanted to bring awareness to it scream of fear premiered in Vienna on February February seventeenth nineteen ninety-one it then travelled to seven other cities across Australia while we don't have confirmed proof that scream of fear was met met with the same response as Dungeon. It is quite possible that it did because while the play was on Tour Jack Struck again on March seventh seventh nineteen ninety-one sex worker Alfreda shrimp disappeared from her corner in Grottes Austria about one hundred twenty miles south of Vienna Elfriede has case ace proved slightly different from Jack previous murders a few days after a free to disappeared. Jack called off Rita's parents and taunted them. What made the calls halls even more nefarious was that the families phone number was unlisted in the phone book. It's possible that check forestall free to give them the number just before he strangled her

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