NFL Week 2 Monday Night Football

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I thought Mason Rudolph all good it from what I saw just looking at the numbers this morning in the first half half with primarily big Ben I know he departed at about the two or three minute mark of the second quarter or with a two or three two or three minutes remaining in the second quarter rather but you look at the first first half steelers four point three yards per play forty two percent success rate with Big Ben in the second half five point nine yards per play fifty two percent success rate with Mason Rudolph off. He looked pretty capable. There's a reason they moved dobbs so I think you know things. Look a little better for the steelers offensively. The problem album is Mike. Tomlin's defense fell apart in the second half gave up eight point eight yards per play in the second half once. Big Ben goes out right. It's on you Mike Tomlin. It's on your defense inst- to step up and shoulder that increased load instead they regressed right in the eight point eight yards per place in the second half doesn't include the the monstrous pass interference appearance. Call there on edmunds for additional thirty eight yards so steelers. This is kind of the fear we had. We kind of just assumed roomed. It said Hey lady on bell didn't play all of last year no Biggie they seem to make up for that but all of the losses on offense Mike check the offensive line coach. Now you're dealing with James Caan as well left with a knee injury. We'll talk to Dr Trial about that. One see what he says now. You're on the road traveling across the country face San Francisco. It's going to be interesting to see. It sounds like you'll be Mason Rudolph under center yeah very very interesting to see how some of these things kind of play themselves goes out and you always wonder how these teams rebound with some key faces that may or may not be there and of course the steelers staring down the barrel of that Owen to start. We'll see if they can get things corrected as you alluded to their trip on the road to San Francisco but as is the right of oddsmakers and better like you typically see overreactions in week two by the time you get to week three or starting to get a better sense of who some of these teams are and identify how these numbers need to be set figuring out for some of those situational edges so when we look at the look ahead lines for next week pay not a ton of overreaction in the market by any stretch you do have the packers on a look ahead number go for six and a half point favorite now to more than a touchdown touchdown chalk against the Denver Broncos who have to wipe themselves up off the deck knowing they let a glorious opportunity against Chicago bears. Get away from spot on Denver had their heart's ripped out. There obviously not going to have their early season altitude advantage here like they had a week ago. There's whispers within the locker room not all the players. Here's Love Vic Fangio's old school coaching style. If you start doing oh or you win a game like that and you're one and one suddenly players let that slide by but when you're in two you now you're an eight point underdog on the road. Let's see if they can overcome that once. Leflore script were off though for Green Bay and the Vikings woke up the packers offense was back to sucking again and you look into doubt just on the day four point nine yards per play for for the green offense the final three quarters the packers offense averaged three point two yards per play a forty percent success rate and Rogers had zero explosive passes fastest final three quarters so still some things to figure out offensively. They're for Green Bay came out with their hair on fire much much Dr Chagrin but that was kind of after the first quarter the the pace and the output we we kind of handicapped and projected there for the Green Green Bay offense yeah and they even gave were gifted at touchdown for the Minnesota Vikings when they turn the ball over to take that fourteen nothing lead out to twenty one but we're not gonNA cry over spilled. Milk will continue to look get some of the numbers for next week to massive point spreads. That'll remind you a lot more of college football than they will the national football league. I couldn't even tell you in an historical context when you're GONNA see two favorites favorites of this big magnitude pain look ahead number for the patriots thirteen points. Now I know Sam Darnold of course was factored into this look ahead number with him. Being out regardless of how the jets perform tonight against the Cleveland browns you're looking at the pats a seventeen and a half point favorite yes differing numbers on the look ahead. One shop had the look at as low as ten. They actually produced that before the Sam Darnold News obviously so you have patriots than Bennett. They've outscored their opponents now. Seventy seventy six to three you know Antonio Brown is a go. It looks like a real factor and it's not just Sam Darnold. That's going to be down again right. There's other guys that have some injury question question marks for the jets interesting see where this number goes right. I think there's going to be a lot of movement. Obviously it's not open everywhere right now but you know trevor sending in the jets pull off off an upset tonight or if they get blown out this number is going to head in different directions right. I think if the jets get blown out you're probably looking at closer to twenty if they somehow pull off the upset victory probably turning back down towards two touchdowns.

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