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Untitled Goose Game is the best selling game on Switch right now



Like many people all the Internet. I've been playing untitled Goose Games the Nubia game made by House House Games and become a bit of a mean recently so if you play the game or even not notes game you've probably seen images of goose causing havoc and that's the basis for untitled use game. It's a very brief gave hours long. I'm not the too far into it. It's only he's fifteen twenty dollars based on what you buy on switched available on other computers and the justice literally your goose use your English town entered area you give him a list of ways cause havoc and it'd be for example. It'll be have a picnic by still you buy food and putting a blanket it will be you know skill. This item causes kid to have to do this. you make sure the person falls down. It's just you being told old jerk goose and it's so much fun so much fun because of the fact that the goose oil animated he's animated to be variably goose so watching him or her a pull pull off all kinds of weird Shangen. slapstick shenanigans is really entertained the watch gameplay. It's actually closest if anything to the HITMAN games were in those games are such puzzle games where you watch it. Environment watched the KIRS turn in a program environment and find a way to intervene to kill somebody in this. It's the same thing you're wondering on environment was telling somebody you're causing some slaps slapstick way to annoy them and it's quite is liberty patients. You know you watched patterns of people and of course a little bit of you know puzzle solving as you kind of figure out where it goes but the results are so satisfying. It's so fun. It's so it's so so nice to play a game. That's funny without having actual written jokes in a game that is suspenseful without having any kind of violence and I mean it's just a really nice breath of a game. I'm really enjoying playing in between you know more intense. You know rules heavy games like four or buttons I I'm really enjoying anti-abuse game super smash brothers. I am so like tempted to get a switch. Look Switch Library edition all the Great Intendo Games all Zelda Games and Mario Games the library of indie games unintended switches grown to the point where you can not by any a sixty dollar brand new games and so having amazing time you switch for years based on just the the incredible volt deep library of Indie Games from people who aren't necessarily huge names haven't creating a satisfying unique experiences for years and the switches off so famously easy to port for all these Games available strictly on. PC are now as pop switch every day.

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