Indiana, Ohio And Josh Jackson discussed on Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast


About. You said about six hours after the Michigan State Game. You're onto the Indiana game. Is it a quicker turnaround when you know. You Have Ohio state next you get to enjoy a little bit before you start focusing on the next game. Happy Flight Flight But in the locker room at Indiana. They're the guys had there's more excitement about the game coming up. Then the game they just played and And it was a hard fought game and and they they were tired Nobody goes to sleep faster than Josh Jackson. He's on the sleep on the on the bus ride a plane ride home PRETTY PRETTY NEAT to see but the guys sit in shape alcohol this week as the weakest started that there's a great energy and abouts in the step and Confidence and excitement about the game. Saturday what are your thoughts on Ohio state as you've watched them on tape

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