Tracking the Thanksgiving forecast


As we've been reporting rain is in the forecast in for the bay area and snow for the Sierra K. CBS's Margie Shafer reports this is a cold storm of the snow level expected to do it two thousand feet in a word it's going to be kind of a gnarly storm that is meteorologist with the Sacramento office of the National Weather Service Carly so rugged Chesky who says the forecast is calling for one to three feet of snow over a three day period beginning Tuesday night with higher amounts on the top peaks so we're expecting snow for the mother lode that's kind of a local term for this more central portion of this year here interstate eighty at Donner pass highway fifty yet actors summit hi res eighty eight for Carson pass all right all the people that are normally taking those highways this is the personnel that haven't been close plenty of ski resorts are accessed by those highways thanks to snow making there is a limited opening skiing at squaw valley alpine meadows with heavenly set to open the day before thanksgiving and north star the day after the moisture is needed for lots of reasons hopefully

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