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I'm Ben Mathis Welcome to kick ASS news John Casick has walked the corridors of power holden politics as a former leader of Congress governor Rojo presidential candidate and in the private sector as an in demand public speaker bestseller author and a strategic advisor to businesses and large nonprofits yet he's seen that the most powerful movements have started from the bottom up and the solutions happen and once we the American people become leaders in our own lives and communities in his new book titled It's Up to us ten little ways we can bring about big change he says that the strength and resilience of our nation lies in each of us not in the White House and nod in Washington today I'm happy to welcome owner casick back to the show to share some of the stories of everyday Americans doing great things that inspired him to write the book he says the actions of ordinary people no matter way more to this country than whose president and he also acknowledges the irony that this is coming from a two time presidential candidate he talks about the accordance of breaking free of Political Echo Chambers and shares what kind of news outlets make it into his own Daily News feed we talk about his uncanny abilities as a political agnostic cater and why at least for the moment he staying out of the Republican presidential primary less governor case echo and thinking about eternity what he'd like it his obituary to say about him and the meditative power of playing golf coming up with Governor John Kasich in just a moment.

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