Turkey-Syria not our problem, says US President.


Coming up on five minute news Turkey offensive not our problem says US president trump says he thought grieving parents wanted to meet driver of Crash Tober Sixteen I'm Anthony Davis washing his the matic immunity lifted instead trump a national security adviser Robert O'Brien surprised the family by suggesting they meet with the woman in front of the Russian presence and influence in the area in addition to the slaughter of many Kurds at the White House trump said the US had no business in the region trays the Kurdish fighters but stains US credibility around the world and opens up an important region to Russia which is moving in uh-huh US partners against Islamic state extremists condemnation of his stance was quick and severe not only from Democrats but also from republic ends of America's presence in Syria Donald Trump declared today the US has no stake in supporting the Kurdish fighters who died by the thousands me three hundred and fifty four to sixty denunciation of the US troop withdrawal many lawmakers expressed worry that it may lead to the revival of is as well as she'll familiar with planning for the withdrawal of the one thousand troops said they are consolidating onto main bases but have not yet begun flying out of Syria grieving parents of a British teenager who was killed in a car crash involving an American diplomats wife wanted to meet with the woman during a White House visit consume have been staunch trump's supporters on virtually all issues the house bitterly divided over the trump impeachment inquiry banded together for an overwhelming in a campaign promise to bring US troops home from endless wars in the Middle East casting aside criticism that sudden US withdrawal from Syria not only White House press corps according to one of the couple's lawyers attorney Mark Stevens said that the couple had no idea the diplomat's wife and Sukur less would be in the more than once trump suggested the United States has little at stake in the Middle East because it's geographically distant the current withdrawal is the worst decision in significant numbers trump downplayed the crisis that followed his decision to pull out of Syria which critics say amounted to giving Turkey a green light if trump's presidency said South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham who meets often with the president and his one of his strongest and most important supporters in Congress a US it but Harry Dunn's parents say they were stunned by the surprise proposition Charlotte Charles and Tim Don traveled to Washington seeking to have the woman's D and not to worry about the Kurdish fighters they know how to fight he said and by the way then no angels trump said he is fulfilling a building when they were there on Tuesday he said the couple wants to meet with sequoias at some point but not in a surprise meeting staged for reporters trump said today that he met with the family in the Oval Office and described them as desperately sad it was very sad to be honest he said they lost their son he was unable to re call the son's name or indeed the name of the parents he'd met earlier trump said seculow told him she was accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road something trump says happens in Europe because drivers in England drive on the left side of the road instead of the right Harry Don was killed at the age of nine free seculow left Britain shortly after though police released a statement saying she had previously told them she had no plans to depart former US President Barack Obama has endorsed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to invade against the Kurdish fighters Donald Trump said he thought eighteen in August when his motorcycle collided with a car allegedly driven by SSA coolest outside a British air force base in southern England used by the US Miller Sean's vote on October twenty first opinion polls suggest a tight race the Obama Trudeau bromance made headlines after the Canadian PM was honored with an official state dinner in Washington they continued their friendship after Mr Obama left office in two thousand seventeen this is not Mr Obama's Marie Election Mr Obama tweeted that the world's needs his progressive leadership now and that he hoped Canadians would re elect the liberal leader Canadian first time endorsing a foreign candidate he endorsed Emmanuel macron during the twenty seventeen French election molly was still in office shortly after Donald Trump was Mr Obama said in an interview that he supported remain provoking outcry from leave supporters elected he told media in Berlin that if he would German he would vote for Chancellor Angela Merkel in two thousand fifteen during the brexit campaign Amazon's Alexa Flash briefing skill follow us on twitter at Five Min news five minute news is an independent production covering policy exc inequality health and climate delivering honest verified and truthful World News daily

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