Powell: 'The Republican party has got to get a grip on itself'


It's a rare pleasure to interview two of America's finest elder states people once but that is exactly the opportunity I had this week when I sat down with Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright both of them of course served as secretary of State Apollo under President George W Bush or bright under Bill Clinton I was invited to them on a stage in new Albany Ohio in front of a group of citizens members the military and first responders let's begin with General Powell talking about all the tumult in American politics today surrounding the whistle blower uh and that phone call between the presidents of America and Ukraine we have this situation in Washington with the preliminary investigation being done by the House of Representatives under Mrs Pelosi and you just gotta ask yourself where does this all go well WanNa go to constitutional way choose following the constitution and the law and she's created an organization within the House of Representatives to look into these things and that's what we ought to do but it's hard to look into it when the other side in the White House is cursing out everybody calling a member of Congress trader calling a guy who wrote this that he's something wrong with him he didn't write it we had a lawyer write it for him or he's a spy spy he's an intelligence officer somewhere in the United States government who sat down and wrote this out he didn't slip into news however he didn't go on television and discuss it he put it into the system like he was supposed to do you think he's a Patriot sure he is any reason he's not true this I used to see some of these things when they came in over the over the transient through the objection means of getting something up and I think he is a Patriot I don't see anything that suggests he's doing anything that is improper and as you know his paper has now come out after all the channels he didn't break free and go talk to the press he let the system handle itself and the paper that he put out has a lot of consistency with some of the things the White House put out so what we need to do is I hope get this investigation is inquiry done as quickly as possible and let's stop screaming at everybody and cursing people coyle calling people traders and calling them spies and using all of these names of degradation when all we're trying to do is find the answers so let's cooperate with each other in this in the Congress and get an answer to it and move on to you think Nancy Pelosi is doing the right thing absolutely and I think it was very interesting thing in listening to her when she talked about this I thought she was very measured and serious talked about the constitution and saw it as a process I think it wasn't easy because I think the nothing is easy in terms of making a decision like that but I she respects the institution I think we both have talked about the importance of the institution and the Constitution there is ah it's set up in a way that Congress has a responsibility here and I think the question is the one you asked what was this phone call about it is possible that a president will make a mistake in talking to some other leader on a issue that is state managed which is is why in fact you have other people on the phone and you can say you might WanNa have worded that differently and have somebody follow up this had nothing to do with state business as far and nobody kind of said anything about it except this man or woman that has been the whistle blower Colin what do you think the Republican Party's responsibility is your lifelong Republican you say that well let me put a different the Republican Party desperately wanted you to be it's presidential candidate ninety ninety six allows you you were very important figuring the Republican Party get I'm actually right I'm not gonNA dogs in the case but as such an important republican do you worry that the party is putting putting party or maybe even and trump before country started saying I had no political affiliation during my first thirty five years in government and the army as a career military officer had no party and it was only when I left and there was attention being given to me about running politics that I said no it's not me and identified myself as a Republican but also made it clear to people I was Republican who's Ronald Reagan's national security adviser I was Republican who work George Herbert Walker Bush and worked for George W Bush I'm a moderate Republican who believes that we should have strong foreign policies wrong defense policy but we have to look for people and we ought to work hard to making sure we're one country one team and so on that basis I call myself okay but in the state of junior you really nothing you can be anything you want any day of the week what do you think do you think that DNC question Republican party has got to get a grip on itself right now Republican leaders and members of the Congress both Senate and the House are holding back because they're defied of what will happen any one of them if they speak out what will they lose a primary I don't know why that's such a disaster but literally the primary and so they they need to get a grip and when they see things that are not right they need to say something about it because our foreign policy is shambles right now title judgment and I see things happening that are hard to understand a couple of weeks ago the president put a circle around Southeast Alabama it saying that it's going to get hit by hurricane we put it on top of the meteorological prediction and the meteorologists said no no no no and in my time and her time one of us would have gone to the presidency was president screwed up so we've got to fix it and we'll put out a correction you know what they did this time they ordered the Commerce Department to go out and back up whatever the president misled this country supposed to run and congress is one of the petitions that should be doing something about this all parts of Congress the media has a role to play we all have enrolled by we've got our number the remember the all of these pieces are part of our government executive branch Congress Supreme Court and the fourth estate we've got to remember what the Constitution started with we the people the president

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