Jalen Ramsey's agent requested a trade after sideline clash


Jalen Ramsey who is to me extraordinarily annoying jalen Ramsey has requested a trade aid from the Jaguars over the fact that he got into it with his head coach Doug marrone because he didn't like the idea as I did did like the idea of Jacksonville going for the win on the road and doing the two point conversion. What Dean is this brand new. What do you make yeah. I wouldn't couch this this this situation and potential accidents in those terms. I mean this. This goes back to last year. Ramsey was disciplined by the team early early in training camp for some stuff that was going on between him and some some teammates and some comments that he then put on his Social Media you know he's one of these guys who who has lost it and let his emotions get the better of them time and again on the sidelines and that runs counter to what Tom Coughlin stands dance for although I would say that it's pretty much been hallmark of these jags teams under Doug marrone. You know the the the lack of discipline when the selfish play the the guys putting themselves before the team with some of the silly penalties and and antics you know we saw it again even in week. One with miles jackets ejected from the game refuses to get off the field. I mean that's been far too prevalent so it's been brewing between him and marrone and really the whole Organization for over a year and he didn't get paid after year three even though he would make the claim he's the best corner and football ethic. He thinks he's better than half the quarterbacks in the League to if you go back to g q article a year ago so this is not like a new development I had to. NFL personnel guys reach out to me last week and both say you know I guarantee you. Jalen. Ramsey is traded before the deadline and that was before this sideline blow up if you're not gonNA pay him and he's planning on already not looking at potential holdouts next year and if he's as much of a malcontent and you could get a lot for him and Nick foles out. I know you don't want to admit that you're rebuilding but you should have already started to rebuild and now you know foles hurt and it's going to be tough sledding and you may need a road to getting a young quarterback. It might be time to stock up on draft graphics. This is a guy you can get a lot for. There's a market for him right. There is a much the the attitude and some of the antics give others pause as well and it may it may end up limiting this this market somewhat and maybe they don't get you know every penny they should get in terms of draft capital and or players like he's a better player than Laremy Tunsil but they're not gonna get you know to ones in the two to go bill. O'Brien O'Brien only has a limited amount of draft picks he can't he can't trade you know every draft pick for the rest of that organization's history so I don. I don't know I think I didn't think a one plus something else for him for Randy. I do really awesome

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