Industry is key to climate change fight, says UN industrial development chief

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This is Matt Wells at U. N. News the UN Industrial Development Organization UNIDO works towards poverty reduction inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability and that mandates crucial to the battle against global warming. That's the view of direct to general the young who spoke to you and uses marshy lead to discuss a range of issues from tackling climate change range managing the private sector's contribution to the sustainable development goals and you need those efforts to foster digital infrastructure across Africa he began by expanding the significance consider Mondays climate action summit here you and headquarters why it's so meaningful for UNIDO to contribute to climate summit because it is saying about thirty percent of the emission actually generated by the air industry manufacturing and also one third of the electricity power actually consumed by the manufacturing sector so this is as a con of reality a kind of challenge for the manufacturing future industry and UNIDO as on collision of course we promote manufacturing industrial development for developing countries but you walk kind of way is a big question question. Do we follow the traditional way footprint. Well we try to be innovative this. This is a water as I become digi of UNIDO twenty thirteen and we started with extensive discussion and a set up a new agenda agenda or mandate which is inclusive and sustainable industrial develop inclusive and share the prosperity already among all the people leave. No one behind for Industrial Development Sustainability is really green industry sustainability of industry manufacturing and a wichita focusing on the reduction of emission so we need to change shoot shoot traditional way of the consumption of energy and the traditional way of the producing emission and with new technology allergy with the new policy available for Oma States so that is our tasker a work now. I'm ver- happy this inclusive and sustainable industrial development become. SDG Go nine which is inclusive sustainable in that transition innovation and the infrastructure now. I'm very happy now. We moved ahead of his agenda. UNIDO creator lots of projects audience programs convenient function connected to the contribution of the Climate Change Agenda of Francis a we have a renewable Newell Energy Efficiency Program. This is a very big program for all member countries. We have the Green Industrial Conference. There's a focusing on the industry we have the Vienna and deform co-hosted with other partners focused on renewable renewable energy. I understand private. sector has been playing an increasingly important role in helping facilitate the partnership. How do you understand the importance of price activate in playing a role to promote initiatives work price as a partner one of the important potent group of partner of course Governmental Power Dilemma Financial Institution Academia and we we have a UN agencies or brother Sister Agency. We are the pound but why we focus on the private sector as as one of the important engine for you need those inclusive sustainable in touch association process because our program when we move ahead. It's connected to practice it. Companies it connected to the local community maybe stuff from individual farmers start start ups and also the big companies but via from privacy and also when we move ahead of his some of the program will I to generate more impact of the project because we create a job food agro-processing manufacturing activities supported youth to have jaw support a women to have Joel and and that is a big concept of the private sector and we are very happy we worked very closely with the Global Compact the the UN there the headquarters of the privacy at those big companies small company all of the world obviously Africa's still needing a lot of assistance from the international community in many areas including innovation and now it infrastructures how you need to carry Al this job in Africa of course innovation as always very dynamic without innovation. I don't believe this world. We'll move ahead. This science technology will be developed and therefore you need the operation we could keep traditional way of if to embarrass individual projects for fifty years and the we enjoy very much a conspiracy wet local community where however when we move ahead with this SDG twenty thirty s did you go nine it puts innovation air as one of the pillar and then how to achieve inclusive sustainable in touch as we through the individual projects. It takes maybe ten thousand miles road. If we use the innovator way support a country you start from industrial strategy edgy on the subsectors for a whole industrial sector us the human resources you the national endowment use the compatibility ability being billed there will be much faster the ten thousand miles road or be greatly shortened that is what what we are doing with innovative approach to support a country we created a PCP program for country Polish focusing on individual strategy did you industrial policy advice to the country based on the national priorities and infrastructure is so critical ago we say it's connected connecting it to rolled connected to electricity conduct conduct to water and those that concept of the infrastructure when we move ahead industrial development infrastructure stretcher must be there otherwise we cannot to the industry with all the water without electricity without transportation. It's not industry. Maybe go back to the farm meaning. They still need infrastructure. So that's very important area for you need to support we are not on sation was a beer funding for infrastructure but we add on Asian could provide advisory services advices for the strategy to develop infrastructure connected to our programs like industrial pumps ops integrated egger industrial parks and a special economic zones and we mobilized resources from those international development institutions from agency and from the private companies that Tis what are we are doing and one of the issue I just lied to to to mashing it to before conclusion and the infrastructure trickiest specially for the digital infrastructure now people talk about the industrial revolution but a EH connected to more than eighty. Maybe year ninety kinds of technologies but those technology will be run on infrastructure a stretch of road. That is a digital infrastructure we now advice those countries especially developing country poorest country least developed countries to setup agenda to develop digital infrastructure.

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