House Democrats to meet as Trump impeachment drumbeat grows


All the presidents in New York the big issue in Washington remains is July phone call with Ukraine's leader I worry now is that the president is attempting to rig the upcoming elections and he's trying to enlist foreign governments to help him do that we have to draw the line senator Chris Murphy as his fellow Democrats in the house plan to meet this afternoon to discuss impeachment they are demanding to see the whistle blower complaint that sparked this controversy ahead of testimony on Thursday from the acting director of national intelligence that the president again when arriving at the when called this a witch hunt two nine he delayed military aid to Ukraine unless that country investigates Joe Biden and his son's business dealings now the president claims the transcript will exonerate him if you let this one out of the bag well then do the Democrats start say what we want to see transcripts of all your calls with Putin and then do Republicans reciprocate by saying what we want to

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