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So hello welcome to this impromptu episode of something who I just heard the sad news this afternoon that terrance dicks had died we wanted to put on a celebration of of terrance and what it meant to his doctor who fans song joined by Tim. Hello Antelope it also bipolar lie there and we'll aim to do that in the next few minutes so for the next shortwhile we're going to discuss some of our memories and thoughts. What's about terrence dicks who was among other things script editor script writer playwright and author for doctor who I am and I'll start with a short what's and of how I spent a holiday in the summer of nineteen seventy six in France a brought to books with me to read and which was as as he was to prove with a little bit on the short side but thankfully I brought with me genesis of the DALEKS and weapon. The're both of them written by Terrance Dicks. Someone's was gonNA say Dr Who and but I was hoping you were going to say the web of fear and Lady Chatterley's lover that might be more entertaining holiday but seeing as I was only eight years old at the time probably Mike. My choice of literature sent both both books. I've read about four or five times on holiday because it was it was a fortnight's holiday and I was in avid reader at the time but they search fantastic stories so well written by Terence stakes that I've got such rich memories. I guess whether fear in particular I think became the archetypal doctor who story in my mind and genesis as well which had of course I had actually seen on on TV the before but somehow the his retelling that is something to it so that's I guess one of my former took. Memory of encountering turns takes one of you. Well tell books for me as well in his name was just all over over them and I've been thinking today about not necessarily a specific instance but the involvement of target books growing up and and you know grandparent's might monotony buying me secondhand books from Bolton Library and trips the Bolton lives go and see the target books in and I think thank I think it's that which has affected me and looking comments online I think that's the comment has most you know not dramatically hyperbolic statements about him being the the guy who got a generation reading all told to generations to read and for that reason it's quite s- surprisingly impactful the passing once you've been Tim when I started reading Terence's tall get books I would've I would've had them and saw put off reading them. From any age. Four five six would've had them. I wouldn't have been reading them involved and then perhaps in the later eighty s or mid later eight is I would have read started reading talk in the end of my first year secondary school. We had to do a report for the English class about the books. We'd read that year a May ban. I'd Clever Dick. I really love about thirty target titles. I can't remember which whether they return sticks on but you know a fair proportion of the border and my parents went to the the school evening and came back back and said we want to work with you because Mr Window my my first year secondary school English teacher who was a classical education was telling my parents what a what an impressive in voracious reader I walls because just reeled off trying to show off all these books that I've a red or had so that's been thinking about that so things they got away with it did you. I was thinking I had a similar experience but got away with with with Mr Window drunk all the time. I didn't get away with it with my parents because they knew exactly what I was doing. Yes we had a yeah. I mean my teacher didn't tell me I shouldn't be reading them because it's not the purview but we did have a I. There's a bad she could get. He's trying to encourage reading set up this readerships game and he goes little badge enamel batch Tim Curley Peter one. It was supposed to be that priced. It wasn't anyway you just told you handed in red and got a point for each one a two point. If it was a classic an handed my listed I'll read a little proper stuff but then when it got half the list was padded out with Dr who who he grudgingly gave me half a point each for all of them they were. I still rankles Mr. If you're out there new swine my first expensive terrence I wasn't sure where to stop and chronologically it would have been watching horror fan broke but then there's a gap of a few years until I get reading the targets. Terrence wasn't the very first one I think I started with. Dr Dart Ex John. Probably because the new film so well and it would have left off the shelf at me. The second one brother randomly. I remember this day was state of decay in that is is one of the few I think it came so close out on the heels of the television version. That's still freshman mind's win for that. I remember writing stories about mysterious strangers three who rule at school up to that I was I was a very original Bryan. Even then I days of my own but then said terrence was definitely the one who caught me up to speed them. Reading the talk is because because they were so readable some of them were among the best the range had to offer some of them hostile seconds to admit that they all of them were but they were all read about so one thing couldn take away from it doesn't matter even no one's going to pretend they're the the high minded literature day but it got people reading eagle reading yeah yeah the the early ones were certainly in probably it had more literary merit to them but they as you say they were all they were all very readable there the one hundred and eight page you know they they got through a rollicking in good taste and for for young readers that was probably about as most wanted to read in a book if he if he had a skill as a writer which he owned out and did it was making things very very very clear with a with a minimum number of words because you don't have that many number words in a song it and you're left under no misapprehension about what was going on on what he was trying to describe. Obviously you know what Peter Davison look like already but pleasant open face or whatever it is you think and Blair rehearsal photograph on the front but you think bing. He's nailed it. I think I think thinking about it the first one I was probably probably read 'cause I'm a bit younger than you Paul and thirty or forty younger years younger than you the the the first one I probably read was the five doctors I probably made a beeline for that is probably the first thing I was conscious off from the TV. We certainly not the first video we owned but I think that would have been the first one I thought of well remembered from the tally and so would have made a beeline for that when when I became aware of the books sure funding of five doctors was the only one I've ever had to wear started reading the book before the thing was that was the infamous for that. I see my did kind of national. Editor resisted attempts his books. Is that some even in the repaired when he was turning out twelve years. It's he would always find something to add even if it was a little clarification like you said to him or or even A. Oh Fun on a dog. There wasn't any script isn't it would never simply transfer it to the patient job done. There were so many lines are remember funny. Funny Nines from the is like seventy stories that when I came to watch video ten years later I was disppointed fund. They weren't there and they always intolerances ovals. sometimes even is novels visa imbo own programs cost because it's never too late to improve on something yeah. I mean the other thing that he wrote the made a big impression upon me as a a youngster was the making of doctor who I mean he's a fantastic or at least it was at the time explanation of having made a television program as well as run through if all the the history up to that point I mean it's it's. It's perhaps not you come to look back on it. Thirty forty years later bit thin but at the time lime as a against still probably eight or nine years old when it came out he had me captivated and I it was fascinating region and of course it was the first mentioned of the missing episodes as well so I had quite a big emotional impact on me one comment that I saw on twitter at maybe matthew sweet or it may have been someone retweeting him with the common is the I associated with this and this is true for me in all the books they have in the hats and I have plenty books the the biggest number by the same author is stem sticks. got metro. Most people will have fifty or sixty books terrance dicks in yeah. That's that's quite something isn't it to have all of us with all of these great books that we hang onto mainly nostalgia reasons suspect right but that's that's quite an impact on many many many people it's brilliant yesterday. Is that books done. I think so yeah yes so so so perhaps that the the next thing I wanted to say was I I never saw him once and it was at a convention in the nineteen in eighty in London and I can't say that I remember a huge amount of data now thirty years later but of course we've seen him so much on all of those documentaries on the DVD's VHS as well but yeah I guess came across to me was that he wasn't wasn't trying to dig up what he's done in the program. He wasn't trying to be the star. He was very happy with his position. In doctor who history he seemed very comfortable with WHO and what he what he was and he was always looking for an entertaining story to to to to get the crowd smiling Meiling in the didn't he I just well. I've never met him but the one something that I take away is yes. He had no self awareness when it came to telling the same fantastic stories all over and over again but secondly. He's always upbeat beat on everything I've ever seen. He's always jolly. He's always smiling. Nestle of smiling is doesn't it when he's when he's a when he's telling his stories and that seems like a great way to be and nobody I've ever spoken to of metal will ever says he was a bit of a bit of a diva or anything always just seemed very smartly. I'd and happy to be remembered for what he did. Thirty forty fifty years ago is fantastic seems as if there's only those there's any to really great partnerships in history. Dr Who either the terrance dicks and Barry. Let's and then Robert Holmes into Philip Hinchcliffe. None of the other seem to have quite got on with each other in in the same way but terrorism. Barry seem to be a perfect double act really I think by in comparison with Hinchcliffe from Helms slight difference would be I think closer as friends simply not quite as I automatically think Hinchcliffe Mahomes did see the program exactly the same way..

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