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Definitely one you won't want to miss the new season of mogul starts with the story of a two live crew and how they made hip hop Nastier than ever before only to find themselves on a collision course with the US government you'll also learn about the world of Pirate Radio and here exclusive interviews with all of your Miami favorites like Trick Daddy Rick Ross Trina Flo rider while she fire and more you can stream the entire season of mogul on spotify now or listen to new episodes each and every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts Oh and grab your best headphones for this one there's a lot of base this episode is brought to you by Mac Weldon Mac Weldon is a pre amy American's essentials brand that believes in smart design and premium fabrics their mission is simple to make sure all your basics are smartly signed and shopping for them is easy and convenient all MAC Waldon's fabrics are engineered in house from scratch and their design process so meticulous you can count on the fit being the same each time folks as I speak I am wearing a MAC weldon button-down shirt and it's one of the best it's I own they also have a line of silver underwear and shirts that are naturally anti microbial not only do Mac Waldon's underwear socks and shirts and trivia fantastic so you're joining us after the Janet Jackson episode were you a fan of Janet going into the episode I'll be honest she rush hit parade sign up so well I'm sure you've listened to previous bridge episodes and you know how this works but briefly for those who are new it I'm going to ask you three Trivia questions the first

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