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Five is what the next position we'll be called now we know and knowing is half the battle los new details about this week coming holiday twenty twenty the first release window the first Nexgen release window we they get some real news about like hardware stuff yeah but I also like that they just got out of the way like it stops us having to do that awkward like the next playstation and Mike Scarlet and like you know we knew it didn't really know it was coming twenty twenty and we knew that we didn't really know what it's called the PS five so I appreciate that it's just put that to bed yeah it makes it easier to write about sure to say playstation five not what we assume is playstation five and we assume comes out and bunny twenty are they just gonNa keep it forever will there eventually just be a police ten yup I think so playstation x gotta be do you remember those ads there was at ps two or three there were like fake it wasn't ad for like the playstation Ni- I remember for gaming the distant future what do you guys think holiday twenty twenty you guys feel like you'll be ready to buy a new playstation yeah carrots I'm Eddie ready you're ready right now I would the thing is I have two places at my house and one of them is on its last leg and I have to just this black Friday you buy a playstation for a year I'd rather just replace them both to ps five yeah that's fair I never upgraded to the pro so I'm definitely ready to Oh cool cool people that got the pro or the xbox one acts particularly the one exits doing fourcade more competent way like you know maybe they don't feel quite as rate upgrade but I skipped both so probably word of this. PS for a deal on black Friday you can just read all about it on Nigerian deals they'll probably be that is a joke but they'll probably be like a hundred and fifty bucks it's like last year they had the slim and it was like two hundred bucks with Spiderman and so it's like is it going to be two hundred bucks with Orlands or distracting or something like that it's like that is what I'm looking for you WANNA slim you don't Wanna pro will so it's for my wife and so she I have a pro and she has launch. ps four that is just like has pt on it so we've got that around but it really doesn't even accept this kind of like you got to be like getting there so I'm just oh by her slim because she she doesn't care I think this is the year and it's GonNa get even worse last year where many game developers have just kind of given up on making games run and like a good competent way on like a base xbox embedded control as amazing that game is is like it's a you know there are problems with running that game on a base. PS four and two yeah and I you know I only saw like an animated gift fund read it but like the new raid in destiny is having problems on a launch x one like it's just so I think that's what I'm ready for I'm ready for developers to once again be able to make console games for one console like instead of being like okay here's assassin's creed Odyssey and this somehow has to run on the launch xbox now it's going to be like this is an xbox scarlet does that playstation five game yeah I think that's what I'm however however short that window of time may be until yeah they'll be a revision the a little bit of a crossover to where they're still making them for peaceful for but we got a bunch of hardware details on places and five as well but I also want to point out that the way Sony is rolling out information about the console is continues to baffle me very strange I think highly unusual what part about it well it was a playstation blog post like they're not having a big showcase for playstation for like a big event consistently been through wired magazine to also it's like every time Martin's earnings in the area he's away it's almost like what does wired have on so that's my fear they must have dug up this because this occasionally happens where you know a reporter may dig up information and they say hey we're gonna run this story and then the publisher decides right hold on we'll play ball so that at least the story as it comes out won't be this fragmented thing I mean I think a lot of it is deaf kits are getting the hands of more and more third parties so some of the details like I think I speculate that that's why we got controller details is because controller prototypes are probably already in the hands of people that are not Sony employees anymore so it's like even though they're under NDA and everybody's professional once that stuff leaves your four walls like that those details we're gonNA start leaking anyway maybe they left it at a bar around the corner from Wires men would not be the first time I mean wouldn't that also be around the corner from our office I know we don't go to the right bars also but Sean Laden is leaving playstation or has left which one which I I'm not sure it announced that he was leaving I mean in general they all Manson was also weird because normally do something more for Malaika blog post They just did this like innocuous tweet so everyone's like wait that's not how they do thank you for your service into the next generation of playstation like they don't really have they have Shuhei Yoshida but aside from that they don't have like a face of the brand out Jack Trenton was there ah assured in the PS four yeah and then he left yeah strange you would think like twelve months from now everything's baked the council's done the launch lineups cited that would feel like a better time for maybe some executive departures Feels a little early yeah I think so too well maybe intentionally so if you're not prepared to usher in the PS fight now is the right time to leave so someone else can start of pick that up and then decide to be the face and carried out leave a little less confusion you want to do it all right I'm Dan I don't want Mark Cerny to just run everything I he seemed like this like tech you know in the garage inventing things and stuff like that I can just picture being the face of being three Industry Yeah I like the egg heads well let's talk about some of these details then it's getting the new controller we stayed don't think they've called the dual shock five yet although I would assume that's what it's become will include haptic feedback which just fancy rumble that sounds like gimmicky things a that was an xbox one controller from launch and like racing games used it yeah and that's it I mean everyone talks about the fans see rumble in the switch controlling and like I think it's completely overrated jacquet grumbled to me plus one party game when like a shoot Mario Odyssey used a little bit could be a case of developers just not but it's also I guess my point is that this is already exists and has been underutilized it's not the most exciting next feature now I think that well I know you're going to get to it but the trigger sound more fund adaptive vigors. Yeah so developers will be able to through the coding of the game we'll be able to change detention that you feel on your triggers that's interesting so I should feel more like you know emmy downsides will be ask sneezy but like the back of bolstering have more resistance on your finger that's seems a lot more intriguing to me personally yeah that can be could be cool if you're doing it I just thought of it like if the dark souls if you have like a smaller sword maybe not you but if you're playing if you have like a small sword or like a heavy sword maybe it's maybe it's heavier Richard. I'm excited about it but you're never going to be like forcing the trigger it's going to be pretty minimal right so I don't know being finger exercises in preparation in the name of ah accessibility like I love the xbox what's the name of their now see adaptive controller controller lecture give people complete freedom to recap the controls how they want I don't know that there's a particular you know accessibility concern around you know adaptive triggers quality of life improvements The control is supposed to have a higher capacity if that trace news the most exciting and they said it slightly heavier sorry the last thing on the controller but not as heavy as an xbox controller with batteries and the controller is on the light I wanNA come a little bit heavier a bit more substantial also charges with USB which is very cutting because I love you know being able to. I mean it's up it's something so it comes from a long history of developers trying to make Games look more look more realistic so like we used to have rationalizing is kind of our Oh to where it's measuring how light looks and then we had like cute little advances from their words like shadows and reflections but now you can do that in a former realistic way I think the way that it's been described as it's like physics space look on the image rather than a creative base look at it so it's going to be far more realistic and when you look at unlike red dead too and it's so beautiful with its lighting and it's it's God raised coming through the trees and whatnot yeah but imagine what they can do to make that look even

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