Man Raising Awareness For 22Q Syndrome Receives Messages From Around The World


Local bands Christmas missions going viral worldwide WBZ TV is David Wade as that story Hey guys my name is because Boston Massachusetts twenty three year old Justin Gigli ADI posted this Twitter video on Saturday asking people to send him a merry Christmas wish it is already had two point seven million views I want to like in the world I am I want to be positivity to the world she's not just fishing for an online feel good moment Justin wants people to know about his disability caused by something called twenty two Q. a lot of people with disabilities don't share what they have but I've but that's my goal to change that twenty two Q. syndrome is caused by a missing piece of the twenty second chromosome Justin has a host of medical issues including congenital heart disease but it doesn't stop me from trying to raise awareness so through his post Justin explains his disability the response has been overwhelming thirty three thousand shares and eighteen thousand Christmas wishes for the quoting from Allender generous and Mariah Carey and they just keep rolling in merry Christmas doesn't enjoy your professional life have a wonderful Christmas twenty nineteen doesn't all the way from St Thomas Ontario Canada it's so cool I like this one I want there because it's often from a fellow twenty two Q. that's what I want to bring the community together something like this and it's all happening with the hash tag merry Christmas Justin don't be scared for your story don't be scared to because again at the end of the day

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