Help My Dad's Never Brushed His Teeth


Like how do you tell someone from the bus play music without headphones I hate it when people do that on trains as well and what's the kindest way to tell someone you're just not that incident and of course what should you do if you've accidentally texted you bus but we're not your usual arguing out so we will leave Hudson UK's lead in etiquette experts no we're not Jordan North Radio Professional I'm call them whereas your just the best one of the series really own actually yeah I'm more glad should we have a ged let's start with the ged also donate one gene I had a delicious Jean de the other day in London the Unas Tavern which is nice low great average restaurant in London and they did I said as often ask us to do you have any Damani usually I get to know or a what and they said yes in fact they said yes if why you even asking this really is the Johnson that was bluffing big chunky device well episode is four hundred twelve has executive producer you should know that episode of the series five five I episodes with five let's toast the man who isn't here we didn't even this Mikey I see nice toast producer producer Penn Absent Friends producer been absent produces oh quite strong today's Day of it you as a client today yes selling with a client the client is not an entity in itself it is but it's not a what would you do this a peak insular life and world of William Hudson we were doing correspond since correspondent so was it did you join the bank details assault was inside language you want he or she a businessman woman as she she was a professional okay working in the banking sector right now we need to tonight how address and write and format letters than email and place God's really so Utah that how much did you charge Oh really oh I can retire now Taos stop doing this is the baker final tonight do when you're listening on Tuesday the baker final I cannot believe this right you gene divas you won't believe this I love Bake off William Hansen who bakes and cooks and stuff has never watched an episode of it I've seen clips why you'd love Jane Watcher Lots of television understand this television is not for watching for being on went understand that one day you mind when you graduate as much ex list Thursday on what's my day x Thursday the whole when you're on at midnight yeah I can't believe you don't you'd love bake off so you eat bacon it's come anyway I did watch an episode I watched the episode when it was on BBC One or two whatever it was I watched the comic relief special indictment on it is that Oh yeah I like it as the final tonight well you enjoy that yeah I think I have I have a theory that was bake off the worst you are cooking the Oh you like the show which proves my point with you because he whatever you posted a few weeks ago as your dinner on Social Media Kit I'm going to have that tonight right we go that's my point proved you talking about a corn beef Hash yes saying the dog had brought up I've never had Kombi fast right the cheap take minimum says it costs less than five a fee to finally see cynical to fifty carrots eighty pay for pay potatoes so you need Brown says you can bet Chris Brown sauce on top afterwards it is delicious I met you Georgian specialty called Beef Hash never copy fash I'm always makes it first when we've been on the football and Assadi been on the football on US know where we've been to watch Burnley freezing and we always come onto Kombi Fash crossed the best meal it's just calm beef's not great I'm trading because it costs less than five these awesome winter nights are made for isn't it William go speaking of football actually it's actually about this what do you make of Prince George being the villa game the this a few weeks spent we were we retreated to those shows quite adorable should have Prince George and Prince Charlotte how does one feel about that I take very on Brown for Prince George I'll put it that way I just don't know how I feel about children at the football if especially if that age if you if you're gonNA take kids football definitely take him on the family stunned I had forgotten football thing going I'd forgotten that Prince William aches Aston Villa I had because we haven't seen I mean he is President of association the forgotten the Football Association so I had forgot I had forgotten that he likes that but I just don't think something it was very cute same Prince Georgy clearly having a nice time very modern if only I think they should balance it out and take them to a nice musical really now they looked at villa one nothing they want like five one up the Aston Villa help me asked him why Aston Villa the villa what NSA lanston although Prince Prince William and I stopped the asked and why can't we say bench Prince Charles's barely found Prince Charles is a burnley fan issue now promise now googling now he wants to go Austin in football team you suppose instead he's not really big football fan but when he when he gets asked he says Burnley because he's done a lot of the prince's trust a lot work in and he's been to watch Burnley Platelets Earth a few times gig life you don't believe doing it what football team does his royal highness to His Royal Highness the Principal Prince Charles Burnley football club say the queen maybe a West Ham united what article is this from Gold Dot com to be fair to be fair in two thousand twelve it came to light that Prince Charles is a bird early supporter thank you after doing charity work in the area once asked why he backs the club he said Burnley have been through some very challenging aging times and I'm trying to find ways of helping to regenerate and raise aspirations and self esteem in that part of the world not making this up following the revelation he gave the head of the Commonwealth VIP season he's not head of the Commonwealth actually he's the future ahead of the Commonwealth so I would ahead of the Commonwealth is still his mother unless something's happening as Clara Jolie's Clara Charlie right gosh well that's what print another thing that Prince Charles I have in common we've both been on the Earth yeah the Turf Yeah Prince William's being out in the Aston we've got how'd you weeping it's been a rice it's fine yeah that's been quite quiet we actually next week's terribly busy you mad when I say a busy busy

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