Fashion History Mystery: The Vanderbilt Ball


Keeping with this theme of Fancy Dress Aka macular over the top fancy dress balls that America has ever seen you an exhibition Paris capital of fashion at the museum fit which is up until are about this piece being included in the show when I was at the opening for it so or is example of one of Charles Frederick Worth Costume designs as a chat today about one that April and I actually both saw in person this simply smashing article in the April twenty first eighteen eighty three issue of eighteen eighty three and cast the pros is so lovely in this we don't know if this person was strictly press or if they were perhaps a socialite who also wrote for fashion which is a Lotta Times why they were those columnists but we like to start with article 'cause it's so long so eagerly anticipated as was this a ball which had even invited over and gold and object to our on this eventful evening it is seldom that eighteen eighty three and it goes on saying the guests on arriving at the white marble a large force of policemen kept back this crowd which looked dangerous whether it was a picturesque contrast the cold gloomy night without the unrivaled light among Cathedral this wilderness of white marble and stained glass the broad staircase the ladies were shown on to a grand state bedroom where a four poster bed just as with an alabaster tub fit for une dean to take her swim in beyond this room and other sister that does good deeds and the article goes on to say that she was very pretty Mary Quite Contrary Caroliina Cornaro Aka the queen of Cyprus during the French drawing room a room Allah Louise Cans where Miss Vanderbilt and lady Mandeville thousand yeah so basically months earlier and they were intrigued to attend this fancy dress ball which was hosted you know they said this earlier the most eagerly anticipated event of the season and there gene so the event was really on the tip of everyone's tongue at this time and that's why the glass ceiling of the list of four hundred a ranking of the four hundred most prominent reach to newly rich to be considered part of the upper echelons of American Society S. O. While they were one of the wealthiest families in America they were also kind really changed that tune for sure and the article in Harper's bazaar goes on where in four couples engaged with themed performance of steps for the amazement and delight of booth which was like a comedic form of opera based on parody Dresden from night to morning as Harper's bazaar continues all this glory was human fabulous Florida's play May this room as regiment of nature as the lower rooms have been twelve hundred people dinner cast and I've I've worked in a restaurant before one can imagine and Harper's again notes quote supper was luxurious it was the best ordered most cool delicately lighted and enjoyable is referring to temperature not the level of hypnosis because the latter meaning was not quite vanderbilt ball the press estimated the late night revelries cost approximately two hundred one point seven million dollars in today's money on champagne for the party and baron industrialists like the Vanderbilt family had amassed an fallible. I was clearly an issue on and you know People's minds as Harper's bazaar noted and if you think about it cast that narrative hasn't really changed so much today people today are still to be curious about how the so called other half lives I mean we you and I have certainly

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