Gaza youth facing daily existence in a nightmarish scenario

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With unemployment in Gaza standing at fifty four percent. Young people are living a daily existence in a nightmarish scenario according to the UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory. Jamie McGoldrick said Palestinian youth gaze across the Mediterranean Iranian at the lives of their European counterparts. On wonder why they too cannot have a job or buy a car or afford to go on holiday. Mr McGoldrick was is in New York this week and spoke to my Kube About Challenges Facing on raw the UN agency that assists the Palestinian people which continues to face a staggering two hundred million dollars funding shortfall. He began by addressing recent developments at the agency. Whose chief resigned this month pending the outcome of an investigation Gatien into alleged misconduct? I haven't seen the letter. The resignations took place but I I would say is very important. The the mandate was renewed last week. Um I am for three years nothing. Vote the came by the embassies too. I should very strongly the foreign row. That said I think that what the challenge ahead of them. Were currently eight thousand. Nine million dollars a blank area and they've gone on one hundred and ten million pledged astounding collected two hundred million dollars which is essential services for Enron and there's no tentative and places like Gaza the only people who are providing that level of support to that number of people and if that was distort them what you've got schools you've got hospitals you've got basic support to population who are dependent on international assistance stock and we have to find ways of making sustainable under under right now the fragile funding streams that go to in a very uncertain and I think increases attention increases unhappiness down seventy. I think it could also lead to some other key problems in the future. You are coming from obt Howe's though when you left the house the situation in the aftermath of the latest you just attack well. I think there's really attack was As part of you know this back and forth escalate to police last week I think we saw a lobster was a raucous that flew into The nieghboring it is in Israel. That's unfortunate because this indiscriminate against them civilian populations but I think the fact that there was that four four people killed in Gaza self and of those eight children and twenty women I think is cleared as there's a major tragedy there and I think we have to. There was a the whole family One of the the attacks the bombings and I think there has to be investigations independent and then partial investigations into these events in order for going to build trust and support for and what we hope. Is that the the CAM that's taken place last Friday. The the actual marches on Friday was closed. It was stopped and I think these are good things and hopefully the CAM maintains because people are are the tie of them have been through this so many times and if you see the way people live in Gaza and you see the conditions have to endure. I mean it's the hopelessness and the disbanded. The other set is so palpable and frustration. There's an angle is a rage. There that's caused by the the suffocating blockade is there and I think that it's always GonNa be fragile unless we do something more sustainable and fundamental. You said there's there will be no marsh. Meaning the Great Marsh to overturn has stopped. So is it just a temporary very stop having a temporary. I don't know 'cause they talked to. They might assume I assumed the resume but this is just because connected to the deaths of last week okay Before the OBT. You're in Yemen if we were to compare the two contexts. Where do you find the most hardship challenges? I don't think he's I don't think it's necessarily good to compare tragedy. I'm going to think what were you are another thing is the league table tragedy. I mean if you're a passenger no more individual living in Gaza living in San living in other parts I mean you compare yourself to others you just compare yourself to what you've got what it was like before and I I think in the Gaza Texas what will you have ahead of you and I think that will people have ahead of them. Is is a very dark and nightmarish future and I think Insana it's probably less so because it's a fresh crisis and you see that political gains already been made by the special envoy there he seems to be able to do somewhat with the parties altis and I think things are moving in a better direction. The wear see two years ago in Gaza. I think the the the reconciliation issue between the two parts of the Fatah and Hamas go along we offer Lou elections have been suggested and the future I think until there's a unified Palestinian approach. You have an attempt to have a bear reconciliation with Israel and. I think that's important even before we'll do not so but I think the tragedy itself is very much the same as any crisis is always the poorest and the most vulnerable who suffer suffer and in the case of Palestine is the same as Yemen. It says the poorest people in the people who live in a fragile existence people have been abandoned or people who've been disenfranchised on Chai's of people who have had no government working for them for for years decades. Whatever the case may be and then what you see is an example of that Suffering is people's day to day life in both places but right now. Because I'm impala. It's hope it Palestinian people struggle daily basis because of for example in in Gaza fifty four percent of people employed and the seven tain under thirty years of old every seven. Every ten person doesn't have a job the people wake up in the morning and then they go on their mobile phones in the twenty five five year olds in the Sillier in London and they say themselves why can't have a job and a car and married and travel and freedom noble life and so for them. IT'S A. It's a deed daily existence and a nightmarish scenario because the as a despondent place to live because people look across the horizon the Z.. In the Mediterranean Sea in the north of the side. You know the people are having holidays and people having a life will they are the stock and I think that dimension please on you and that's why we've got some CD's psychological issues. Why the suicide rates are they? Are I think why people drug taking takes place. People are just trying to relieve and I think that's why you have the demonstrations. I think people an opportunity of let rip because they don't get that chance otherwise if we compare what you have this year to last year where are we. Well I I do think is better for example if you measure Things statistics tell the story. I think what tells US studio is is the the human dimension of things You know the and if you look at it from external point of view as the funding we have is less than it was last year You know we're currently a fifty seven percent funded of humanitarian response plummeted. A two hundred million dollars and without Quaid's to is the M forty percent of people we should be having because of identified them as needs and people who required what assistance we don't fund them we don't support them so how Mr them they just get more vulnerable than more impoverished next year and if the funding is going in the same direction I right now is diminishing. What chances do we have to address those needs as people's needs again also economic decline? You've got political paralysis and you'd be growing humanity needs a worse worse combination that you can have an. We don't see any way and more we're trying to do is to putes international community. Try and rescue. People become something which is really really biden difficult then beyond and it's not just doing robot Israel nervous over the UN agencies the NGOs national international who'd older in their services and we have to find a way of steaming taming this Diminishment of funding. That's going in Gaza. Palestine as is no longer. It's no longer over the top priorities for countries as for funding and we have to find ways of telling that story and I just don't think again the human story and health sectors as a perfect example of.

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