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We start with Antonio Brown. He is scheduled to meet with the League next week. Regarding those accusations of sexually assaulting multiple but women sources telling our Josina Anderson on Thursday. He's eager apparently to present his died hoping that he'll be cleared and potentially find a new place to play before we get to his response today. Joe I'M GONNA ask you to fill in the blanks here. Tell us where we are right now. He has the opportunity to finally tell his side. And you you basically heard everything from the people who put these accusations around him since he got released from the Patriots. Everything that I'm told is that he's eager to do so And tell his side of the story and that he feels good about that and essentially this gives the NFL an opportunity per a resolution of interviewing interviewing Antonio Brown also getting a resolution in this case for other NFL teams to then here that and then subsequently make a decision on Antonio Brown about what they're going to do because as of right now he is still not playing with the NFL. We're seeing other wide receivers get signed in the interim well I would assume here. The teams are skeptical. Not Knowing what his status will be if they can't make a move to sign him or work with him not knowing if he'll be eligible to play so that happens he's stuck absolutely because he he is a free agent teams can sign him right now if they wanted to but have not with this pending over his head as to have more clarity to what his future would be in the national football. The League you know pending everything that is going on what we also do know today. Is that per the attorney of the accuser. Great Me Taylor that he on the behalf. A half of his lawyer was served with a civil complaint as well. Well then again. He's scheduled to meet with the League next Wednesday. This was just a short time time ago on twitter and we'll paraphrase to some extent given the profanity but it says imagine conforming to system giving it one hundred percent to seem them treat. Let me like this is unfair making money off my sweat and blood bleat the NFL. I'll never play in that leap treat black people the worst clear. Clear my name and go bleep yourself. Tough timing when you're about to present your case to the week. I just wanted to give this a little bit. More context to as to why there may be underlying frustration there if the NFL goes along with interviewing Antonio Brown next week. Thursday has day. Okay that would be seven games remaining to go in the NFL. Obviously that would be towards the end of the week so we're presuming. He would not be playing at earliest. Let's say even if that happened happen right at best until next week if you're going on the baseline of what the NFL has put forth in their domestic violence policy when a player has been accused accused or has you know dump something in relation to domestic violence sexual assault sexual assault involving force. Anything like that we know that the NFL has said that. The baseline of a suspension could be at minimum six games pending mitigating circumstances. So if that were to happen in this case with six games remaining remaining after this potential interview that could potentially effectively not allow him to play the rest of this regular season now there are sources that have told tell me that Antonio Brown still feels like he has the potential to play this year and optimistic that that could happen prior to this tweet and that there are teams is potentially interested if everything goes in the direction that he would like but obviously there is another side presenting their case as well and we'll see how it falls. Aw

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