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And you know Haskins brought up Melbourne Cup and boy you I wanNA talk about a firestorm. We thought the Derby had an aftermath. The this Melbourne Cups had an aftermath. Well uh-huh they disqualified point Aboard Master reality. He had the lead As he's I've been doing all year he's been riding aggressively and trying to use all the skills to get home. He looked like he was going to do it. And then balanced declare was on the inside Pencil Barron on the outside of fighting duck then tightened up paradiso. who was making this phenomenal for Wayne Lorden and that one little bit of a chain reaction with the winner Alan declare but it was hard to tell on the head on? When did it happen the stretch like they were right on the wires? So did it happen to strike. Before strike after SORTA stewards took quite a while to go over it and it turned out to be way. The inquiry work turned out to be Aidan. O'Brien's rider claiming against Joseph Brian's right doc. So they took Joseph them and they move up to third they put they put Joseph back the fourth. And then me off mine. WHO's Donald? But he wound up winning Craig Williams aboard the Toy. Your own son of declaration of war vow the choir He was highly touted into and all the commentary commentary before the rate big slice. I wound up betting prince of Aaron. He went off at sixteen to one. was in a winning position every step at one point. It looks like he's GonNa win and in fact at the Y.. Michael Walker stands hands up. biking won the raised. Any like what's to his last. Maybe not I've been. I've been a crutch back now. So he winds up winning running third moved moved up to second page eighteen dollars. The place one of his twenty. Something exactly came back for thirty with to watch go horses but as as Paul said earlier today you can make a chance for fourteen of them and then in the stretch of if you watch the race again and again but Chattanooga's Colt made the glass judge flying. That's making tons of ground surprise. That'd be Jut. Mine was at that Cross County residents winter hex software. Don't that but still he was coming on. William Bill just tremendous the Spanish on the wire and They took my keys on the the mind. veg suspensions actually out it's always it's always entertaining and one of those special days and I was in such a blur. You know coming out of the weekend and then traveling link so i. I was behind Catching up to it and all the and all the hubbub and speaking of Catching up and everything deck. Let's get your right before we talk Hong Kong and there is plenty there. There's actually a lot of news That I've seen from around the world Horses is that are starting to announce their intention to run on champions On the Champions Card but before we do that you're breeders cup takes so they would kind of disappointing my handicap and was just not what it should be. I was on with you when we're cavalry was on and I talked about tracking your father. Santa Neither Steve with that so that was no surprise the way the track played away from me. I just didn't have the right voices. I seven degrees with about if you tell me do tries. It's IT'S GONNA run back good in the first half. I gotTA figure Dunbar Road. It's GonNa be light in and she wasn't so that that cost and then I you know I I I knew track was going to be the way it was. I was right about that. And I know code honor the relatively small horse that Kinda gets over the popped track down too far and sure comes up the way. They're even like that goes on her and don't see was he. He didn't look before the race. Though I can't I can't blame it all on the track because in the post sprayed he was very antsy he was very not wash now going into the game but he was started warm. And that's to me. That's unlike him so even with the track he didn't look at going in and then obviously than handle the track so so it wasn't it wasn't a they want a lot of high five point Friday and Saturday and other than that originally this great I kind of had the opinion and Europeans Warren to strongest companion. Especially when magical make the trip turned out to be probably true but the one the one I really screwed up on sale sponsored that's That's that's when you go back and look how about applesauce episodes come up and I've been so so so I was just two more days of back getting it done okay. Well and that just shows you that you don't as I say repeatedly and I write that the introduction to keep people I don't want people to get completely flummoxed by by Breeders Cup and that they they you know they didn't do well and I. Can't you know you do well this weekend. delmar opens tomorrow and the Churchill. Fields Terrific You don't it's two days. It seems like they're the most important on the calendar when it comes to wagering opportunities but the money you make in the Melbourne Cup is just as just as valuable as the money you. You didn't make on Breeders Cup weekend and it's why it was one of those things where I kind of recognized that nothing seems to be working so I a lot of money Friday and Saturday. The thing is like when you're playing blackjack and you get really good cards. And then he keeps feeding him. So you're betting more than shirt because you're getting really good parts. Oh you get bad cards you just get that. Take your losses so I kinda problem everything down on Saturday. So wasn't you know I didn't that anywhere near the funding that I take him out. Taken out of my bank account too but the rights coming up and I look forward to the multiple foul and I got lucky because I could have just as easily been shoving second exactly. And that's what the that's what makes that's what makes it so much fun so maddening reddening or or so exciting. It's just it's gotta run for you That that's always the bottom line and on a day day on days like we had Friday and Saturday there were as as Paul. Matisse laid out brilliantly today there are things that are going to conspire against you. And you can't can't. You can't completely alter your game plan or abandoned your your approach. You can adjust maybe a B and tinker and throw in some savers and whatnot. But if it's not going to be your you know your day or your two days. Ah Ah but it doesn't reflect doesn't reflect on what lies ahead and and there's still a lot of good racing November's of terrific racing month that we got all the the action of Churchill leading up to the Clark And the stars of tomorrow to Ecuador off off to a tremendous start. I mean if they can if they can maintain this before people break camp and start the head to Florida and whatnot. It's going to be a very good Ecuador meet because the fields are competitive racing is interesting so that's often and del Mar With the first two cards sat and that looks like give. There's always a lot of good turf racing at del Mar so often. Go off we go. How about to spend the last couple of minutes? The Hong Kong updates about four minutes shopping rich sharpton ran on Sunday We now have a true Sunday. We have a high fifty races favorites at one. Twenty six percent the average field sizes twelve and one and the average win price is twenty dollars and fifty cents so prices again value. You and Twenty Six hundred seventy is pretty thoughtful considering twelve twelve though horses surveys Shopping on fat set Sunday very fast track is good too terminate running raid this time so when you look back at those races understand that they worked on pretty quick. Nothing really stood out on on. That took yesterday at Happy Valley They Rennes nine. Nine on the paraffin and interesting things Steve Race sex with the fifty six to one shot that one and you WanNa talk about how different things are from talk to them and I keep saying we want to be like the rest of the world that we used to be so the horse that won training by Begnaud young he was called into the stewards to try to explain this big former. There's a whole explanation the nation and and the chart comments and China's that easy stated that this was the second. Start off the way off. As I started at some mucous in his trachea they they trained him and congre which is inland about three hours minded China Trade Centre pollution and everything else and Hong Kong. Long time that's awesome but here stewards are paying attention not just You know I've done horses that I have run poorly a horse. Who when often you John? Why did he run so well? And that's that's you know that's called transparency and integrity.

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