State of Health Report Shows Growing Despair Among American Men


Six state of health report sure was growing despair among American men Sir from Bloomberg it's a very it's a very serious issue signs of declining health for American men a battle the national center for health statistics latest annual report life expectancy at birth for males decline to seventy one point one years from seventy six point five three years earlier twenty fourteen at age sixty five men are projected to live another eighteen point one years compared to twenty point six years for women these and other takeaways from the annual report which tracks the health of the US population have implications for productivity wages on the border come to me males have twice the female drug overdose death rate great for men have virtually doubled since two thousand seven of course the suicides among Americans have all increased sharply for twenty six thousand in nineteen eighty the forty seven thousand and twenty seventeen second leading cause of death behind accidents for young age groups it is astonishing how all of these things never never suggest

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