NJ plane crash: Pilot killed was renowned Manhattan cardiologist


Seven seventy four year old Manhattan cardiologists Michael Schloss was killed yesterday when the small plane he was flying crash right into a house in a section of Woodbridge New Jersey it was a great murky morning in the crash took place here in Berkeley Avenue this is a densely packed a residential street the airport is fewer than five miles away in Stephen Smith knew something was wrong I heard a plane kinda coming low is making that state tobacco like he you know like it's coming down noise then there was a real like three calls for about two seconds and there was a massive boom the check my wheel house the NTSB reports it was his Cessna four fourteen it's believed the pilot was the only occupant remarkably nobody on the ground with her Jerry Bardolino lives two doors down I came out I thought it was just an unbelievable price I had no idea and I look and and the houses in flames I mean the flames which is unbelievable the upper floor was loved it and looks like a house his total loss in colonia Peter has told WCBS newsradio

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