'The Crown' has returned


The crown of season three as you said just started it's pita Morgan's multi decade multiseason story of the life and times of Queen Elizabeth. The second who came to the throne as y'all will recall in nineteen fifty two the tender age of twenty five and every season of ten episodes Looks at ten events in British history and this new season starts in nineteen sixty four and imagines the royal family's interactions with politicians as a new Labor government has just been elected and the queen is suspicious of the new northern Prime Minister who's also socialist list. Of course some episodes look like interpersonal issues among the members of the royal family. Some look at events in the life of the country like the von Disaster In nineteen Sixty six and in many ways. They're kind of a cockeyed. Look at British history and the main characters The ones who endure over the seasons are the queen or husband Prince Philip. Her sister Princess Margaret a no her children especially as the two older ones and Charles. And one thing that's has happened in this season is that as the Queen has got an older and more established in her reign. She's been played it by a new actress. So at the beginning of episode one of the season we had a very cute scene in which the new queen played by Olivia. Colman was introduced introduced because she was taken to see the new portrait. That will appear on British

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