Health & Fitness Fact Of The Day: Cryotherapy


Literally means cold therapy. Where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures? Several minutes cryotherapy can be delivered a to just one area so it could be localized or you can opt for whole body cryotherapy if you all doing localized therapies and the number of ways to do this as your ice patch. Watch ice massage coudn't sprays and so on and even through proves that are administered into tissue. We have more interested in looking at whole body cryotherapy for this episode dude as as the number of businesses cropping up offering. WBZ A whole body cryotherapy. So there are several people that are sort of shouting about the benefits of cryotherapy therapy including the iceman Wim. Hof who claims that extreme cold can improve mental and physical health and even prolong your life. If you want to find on up more about women Hof than I suggest watching the yes theory episode with him on Youtube told about him showing you how he copes with the cold conditions the benefits. He's is getting from it and the breathing technique. He has used to cope of ready low temperatures. So the supposed benefits of WBC. These not completely invalidated bought the has been reports of cryotherapy helping with muscle pain as what a joint and muscle disorders such as arthritis and it may also promote fast healing golf athletic injury. Doctors have long recommended using ice packs obviously on injuries and painful muscles as doing so may increase or blood circulation off to the Josh packers removed. which would then promote healing add pain relief to cryotherapy hand? Apparently support weight loss in theory oversleeping cold forces. This is the body to work harder to stay warmer so in theory. You may be burning more calories during that time period and some cryotherapy providers claim the a few minutes of colds can increase your metabolism for the period of day. However a two thousand sixteen study found that there were no significant changes in body body composition after ten sessions of cryotherapy as also a series of the anecdotal evidence suggesting that cryotherapy may help range of issues shoes? For example it's partly might help reverse skin aging can all support for Latin also be said on help prevent chronic diseases however until further research can support these claims. It is really impossible to tab. And how accurately riot therapy as as a treatment alone on the lead to be some isolation studies whereby some some people overseas and cryotherapy had not the only change. They're following saved diet same exercise plot and so on to see if there's any validation to the claims that it house spiky metabolism helps you lose lose weight so an interesting topic. I'm one that will obviously develop his time does on and we'll be following along closely. Be Interested to know that anyone has tried any. WBZ sessions Russians. What's your opinion more of it was whether you've had any significant results from them so definitely get in touch? If you have. And if you've enjoyed finding out more about cryotherapy do not hesitate Acetate to hit that five star rating on your podcast plan and subscribe saved in the next episode. A twenty minute fitness is released over this week and we'll cut you very soon.

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