Anne Ortelee's November 10, 2019 Weekly Weather


Welcome to or at least weekly weather. My name is an early. It's a little bit of lake broadcast tonight because it's been a very busy weekend here in the beautiful city of New York We have a lot going on in the sky. We have lot going on in our lives. It's kind of part of the deal right now with everything kinda running a little wild up there One of the things to kind of look at is kind of the news. You're GONNA get that. Might be a little surprising shocking. Or Wow. I didn't know that was going to happen Mercury is Kazimi Azimi the son and of course mercury is going retrograde now. Kazimi is an interesting placement because it doesn't It it's when the sun is is so close to mercury mercury so close to the sun that you It's like when you put your finger in a candle and it doesn't get burned versus when you hold it over the flame top and it gets burned so mercury Kazimi has that quality it's incredibly bedded in the heart of the Sun. That's going to happen tomorrow. But we're in orbit now so mercury is GonNa pass is also at the same declaration as the sun so we're going to have kind of a cool thing tomorrow well In Watch your NASA you know if you're on the Internet looking at NASA stuff you'll see that it's there's very intense energy. And you'll see mercury mercury kind of passing across the face of the sun for a period of about five hours tomorrow Obviously you're not supposed to look at the sun so look at pictures from NASA so but it's the energy of the planet and so the Sun and Mercury at the same declamation. This doesn't happen that often and somebody pointed out. I was doing weekend workshop this weekend. Somebody pointed out is eleven eleven so it's eleven eleven portal which is of course the big Portal for master master numbers and it also is Because of the Kazimi Energy it's very very intense so our job with his intensity as we're running through we're gonna hear really interesting news. Correct make really interesting commitments. It's a great day to commit to things Part of the issue with it though is because mercury is retrograde in Scorpio. Oh you WanNa make sure you commit to positive you know. WanNa say gee my life shitty you know. I have a horrible life. Oh it's terrible you want to kind of go okay. Let's let's do the positive vision. Let's do where we're sending the energy what we're creating is we're heading out make it be It may be a positive energy. You're sending off into the heavens as we work with this energy tomorrow and of course Mercury Comm combust. The Sun is very intense very passionate but it's also so tight it's accelerated and it's amplified and it's augmented so it's super duper super duper mercury son conjunction of course. It is retrograde in Scorpio. So so we're GONNA look back at things and maybe have realizations or a moment so in my life. It's been kind of a busy Busy Week but this weekend particularly I had scheduled the east our certification so we had twenty one lovely people show up and Richard SMOOT and and Vicki his wife Vicky smooth pelt smoke and I conducted the The COP consulting skills for two and a half days twenty hours and had a wonderful group of astrologers hanging out and talking and learning and doing their listening skills and their can't start reading skills. It was a really cool weekend. It was a great deal of fun and then on on Saturday night. Two of my favorite Client slash students slash. I Dunno they become like you know. I feel like they're family on some level both Got Married And they one of them well they actually got married about a month apart. They were like besties and they went to law school together. And so Theresa eloped with her beloved Stephen to the top of a mountain in Sedona Vortex and got married on vortex with a minister and a photographer and Jodi met her beloved Thomas or Tad as he is known to his family and they had a really beautiful wedding at this really gorgeous just cathedral here in New York. Saint Ignatius Loyola and then reception at the Harvard Club. That was probably one of the best bands I've ever danced it at a wedding leading and it was an Italian wedding. And so you know with the Italian weddings you get up and you dance between the courses and then you sit down and I met Jodi and Theresa test is is she's called when they were They were starting to study astrology. They'd come for reading and then started being interested in it and And off we went so now here we are quite a number of years later and they both got married within a month of each other. So it's Kinda cool So that I had a great time I'm at the wedding and then you know we did this consulting skills for twenty hours so I just got to know a bunch of wonderful. twenty-one new wonderful astrologers some of them I knew of course but a lot of ones in from out of town and then I came home tonight after dinner in kind of debriefing with Vicky and Richard because we talked about stuff to who had gotten an e mail or voice message from my neighbor and my neighbor down the hall died And she was coming home Saturday night and she just dropped dead it on the street on First Avenue and that's it So you don't know how you don't know what's going to happen. It's like you know the the intensity of this processing for twenty hours with twenty one people you know. emoting and learning and working on their empathy and the reflection. And they're paraphrasing or freezing and they're they're listening skills and then this party down. You know Dan everybody dance now and then my neighbor dropping dead who. I've lived next door to over forty years Kind of a wild one you know so mercury Kazimi expect really. Intense action has a very intense right. Now just look at the politics you know whenever anybody goes. Why don't you talk about politics? I'm like because that is the outer manifestation Asian of what the world is we've had all these people get caught mark. Gastineau just came out announcing he had been raped as a kid From eleven to fourteen. You know he's like one of the bigger football guys in the world You guys younger may not no one. But he's the one that started making the dancing in the end zone. He's the one that did that. And they used to think it was bad sportsmanship. But that little gay touchdown thing that we take for granted now he did it and it was considered bad form And we've had a lot of revelations about you know murders coming people catching murderers whereas mercury conjuncture son in Scorpio. A lot of dead people talking or secrets are being revealed. You know there's been a lot of found the body you know figured it out finally arrested the person who did it. News and the email l. and that's where that's coming from you know with mercury retrograde in Scorpio on the sun there's a breakthrough in cold cases. And I remember a while back I was talking talking to a cop in Nebraska. And he said You know I've noticed and he kind of basically you know told me it was Saturn. He noticed the Saturn and he knew when one of the cold cases unsolved that all the others would solve to write and Saturday employer were wrapping up the last thirty six years. So they're trying to get the stuff out the door and off the books and and process it and get it out there so people can move onto the next chapter so it's a really intense week ahead so I don't want to minimize how intense. It's going to be but also we're going to have a full moon In tourists and Scorpio. And that's a very fits very fertile moon and that's GonNa take place on choose day and of course when we have a full moon one of the things that we're we're working with is the energy of abundance in how it kind of Heads across the sky so the full moon is On Tuesday at eight thirty four in the morning and the sun is that Nineteen Scorpio and moon is at Nineteen Scorpio so this hearkens back to The energy of if The tourist time which is around a May twelfth of two thousand eighteen and then two around August twelfth of last of this year twenty nineteen when it was an Aquarius and now we have the full moon and we really see the full moon energy of this enter this energy kind of moving forward so it's a big. It's a big one. We also have on this full moon Venus approaching a square to Neptune. So it's kind of unexpected things happening or taking place and then we also have Jupiter and series meeting near to the south node but also in the first house kind of revealing stuff and then Juno at the top at the chart is in the sign of partners with a lot of energy about Sending stuff off into the into the difference into the distance so so knowing that we have a slow moon moving very slowly Across the across the sky well we have this Kazimi mercury so google it. There's it's a really good cool article on the Times in The New York Times with a picture of it going across. I posted it on facebook and they send it out on twitter so you can also I see it there but it's a it's a pretty intense one and Stuff's coming to light. You're seeing secrets. You're learning stuff you're processing you're releasing you're letting go your full mooning thing and then of course the moon then Wayne's down to the new moon in two weeks when the new moon takes place on November twenty six the Tuesday before Thanksgiving living and that one will be in the new of course in sage and that's going to be at four Sagittarius so there's a lot of energy in the sky about releases is letting go moving on the truth being told and learning stuff right because it's just really volatile heavens right now so we're learning all sorts of things you wanna pay attention to what you're learning it's important and it will really shape your future As you as you kind of settle into the knowledge and the wisdom list of what's coming in

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