The Rise and Fall of the El Camino



A car that you particularly love? Kurt well Off off the top of my head El Camino comes to mind You've hit a pine the topic of today's episode so by the scenes things This is this is a weird way by scenes when you and I were working on our previous episode on the cars of breaking bad We also talked about the the spin off films. Breaking bad came out called El Camino and at some point. I don't know if we ever mentioned this on Air Man Dan but at some point we were both baffled that they're never been a car stuff episode on El Camino or as we call it here in the US the El Camino Camino which should be hilarious. Anyone who speaks a lick of Spanish. Because what we're saying is the the road you know it's like saying ATM machine or Orvin Number Ri- vehicle identification number number the El Camino man. By the way I'm GonNa Continue Calling the El Camino movie the The the alchemy of is a fascinating vehicle. It's it's sometimes like A. It's like a platypus of the road. You know what I mean. It's not quite fish. It's not quite foul. It's something different. Something unique a mix tape and you and I have some personal stories about the El Camino but I have the following proposition. Why don't we start with the origin story of the actual vehicle vehicle which may surprise some people some eighties? Babies may be surprised. How old this vehicle actually is? El Camino is introduced. The first generation was introduced in nineteen eighteen fifty nine. It was basically a response to Ford's Ranchero But even before that in Australia in the thirties a created this this vehicle known as the Coupe Utility. So the idea of a car that had some of the attributes of a truck The idea that was around for a while before they started showing up in America and even in the early Fifties Chevy and Ford made light-duty drums like the Chevy's made a truck called the task force. It was a light duty pickup truck but the El Camino brought in some of that I guess the elegant lines of the late fifties and early sixties the chrome trim some of the more visually appealing aspects of the sedan's at the time yet you can look at some pictures of the first generation El Camino and you can clearly see the aesthetic. You're talking about here. Kirk I do. I have to also confess. I have a weakness for those Those flowing lines that space-age retro-futurism so common in Ford's and Chevy's of the fifty s and into the sixties A. We do have a previous episode on car stuff about utes in Australia and their origin origin for anybody wants to check that out. There's a really cool quote that you found about the youth as well of from the like the way it was marketed in Australia. Stralia right yes so It was Farmer's wife in Victoria Australia she desired a car that quote to go to church in on Sunday in which to carry our pigs tomorrow on Mondays. And so that encapsulates the entire concept here. You know what I mean the the idea that instead of buying two separate vehicles for two separate specific task right you can buy something something that fulfils Both of those functions. This is a question that will come back to right. Because what we're what we're GONNA WANNA see here is going to be ultimately a battle between some of those functions like is a daily driver or your. You know your good-looking car right. Your Business car. Is that the same thing as your haller your work vehicle. The folks who made the Cameo carrier and the folks who made the El Camino and the voter made the utes in general. Were there answer due to that was yes it can be the same thing. Forward the future. What a time to be alive?

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