Finally, An All-Female Spacewalk

Short Wave


Back in March NASA got US real jazzed up about an all fee Male spacewalk for the first time a one hundred percent female team was gonNA float outside the International Space Station and take care of some astronaut business needed a medium sized spacesuit and only one medium suit was ready to go not a great look for NASA Women Social Media blasted the decision including Hillary Clinton who tweeted make another soup and then fast forward to last Friday Christina Jessica with that the emergency service closed it finally happened I can't we are so proud of you and got a degree today astronauts Kristina Cook and Jessica Mirror both in medium-sized suits floated. into open space to replace faulty equipment related to powering the station but I'm pregnant working with us this morning in this is thirty five years after the first woman space walked in for Ellen Sto fan a former chief scientists at NASA that's too long to wait the you know the time that we have between these milestones You know I just shake my head a little bit because I it's just women are completely capable of getting the job done and in this case it really was a question of opportunity and equipment and now that it's happened it's great you know the fact that they were women was irrelevant they got the job that needed to be done on today on the show NASA celebrates the first all female spacewalks doc but how much progress has actually been made and I get to talk to Christina and Jessica the history-making spacewalkers themselves very briefly from space station this is NPR how do you hear me we have you loud and clear NPR. How'd you hear US

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