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Thanks for coming on the show so I am I am interested in talking to you today because we really haven't had a guest talk about some of the topics that we're going to talk about today but why don't we start off a little bit with who you are and what you do yeah sure so without going into full back story. well I basically have surround myself with a bunch of really quality humans and together for the last sixteen years my primary mission has been to help the people out of data related disasters whether that's bad guys infiltrating network or data being stolen or a server crashing or making mistake and accidentally deleting all the pictures of their wedding or baby photos we are a bunch of Tech nerds who do everything we can to to help people out of those crises and also once they've kind of experienced those crises we help them either back up or sometimes they'll hire us as if they got hacked they'll hire us as we call it a part time see so or come in and do Kinda monthly risk assessments to help them prevent the next attack so you know it's just helping people out of Disasters Gotcha yeah well I mean as as somebody who has lost all of his photos and music for all of our music was in the cloud on a streaming service I can definitely level with that like after that happened to me I made sure to get an external hard drive live and of course today I have like a time machine on my Mac and back blaze and Nass and just like lots of things 'cause I I've been in that situation what I haven't been in is A well what my company or my clients knock on wood haven't really been involved in stuff like data-breach so it sounds like you do some of the more personal personal computing problems right data loss and recovery the recovery side of our business we founded back in two thousand four and we that's the data recovery company and that company it's a mix you know maybe forty percent of our clients are just normal people consumers who lost their personal data on a laptop or they dropped their phone toilet or you know that kind of stuff maybe thirty percent are small business owners with maybe one to fifty employees had a server crash or a chief executive ever accounting professional had a laptop hard drive crash or an SSD go bad and then the other third is large corporate America the government you know we've done recoveries for almost eighty percents of the Federal Bureau so it's pretty much everybody loses data on the data brief side of things we almost would I don't WanNa say never our average size client who got data breached is probably a hundred to five hundred employees may sometimes even larger for the for the micro sized businesses who get breached they're less likely to need an army of nerds to come in in an address that situation you know yeah yeah absolutely so so you you serve all sorts of people doing all sorts of things but I wanna get I wanna get back to the basics a little bit in your intro here so I also I have my degree in computer science I have a masters in software engineering and I went the web development path I when I was in college in Highschool I read like Kevin Mitnick's books and I thought man I really want to do that but ah I decided to go the other route what made you want to get into this particular field yeah I mean in general I got my computer science degree from University Wisconsin and that was like right before the first big tech bubble the first day web one point no and I jumped on a plane a and went out to the Silicon Valley and really wanted to play the startup game and joined a couple of startups one of them's still around that were you know involved with ECOMMERCE and that kind of stuff and you know I was primarily on the back end development style database design and things of that nature and a lot of back end programming I my four was not my forte was not the kind of user experience all of that's kind of changed over the years when that whole economy just imploded and all the valley was horrible place I mean I would say eighty percent of my friends were out of work I had a job but it wasn't star was in a bank so I had a job but it wasn't the type the job that I moved out there for so I kind of tucked my tail between my legs and say well I'm GonNa work at a bank I might as well do it in Wisconsin from from immoral my family is my brother had just had a couple of kids and I wanted to be there for that and I just wipe the three thousand dollars often read so I I talked tail between my legs Humpback Wisconsin and was just doing some consulting some really boring but wonderful companies like insurance companies and cheese manufacturers and all kinds of words and I really wanted to start a company right but the Donovan was in the crapper there was zero percent chance of getting any kind of bank loan so I knew I needed to do something that I could bootstrap uh with like the fifty grand that had saved up you know so whatever I was going to do I needed to be able to get to revenue within my within my budget right because it's just I wasn't going to get an angel financing I wasn't GonNa Fifty Thousand Dollars Angel Financing for a new idea they were going to take if your business back then it was just a horrible time to be an entrepreneur so my brother tyler younger brother Tyler was going to school at University Wisconsin ucf degree he's about nine years younger than me and he had a hard drive crash so he was trying to figure out how do I get my stuff back and he found two companies in the whole us that advertised for it and both of them wanted like three thousand dollars and that was like again exactly you know turns out it's pretty hard but we had the right circle of friends we had one of my buddies was an electrical engineer ear one of my buddies was a mechanical engineer I had the computer science and kind of ECOMMERCE background and we kind of had all the pieces of the the kind of academic puzzle so the next question is okay so there's very few competitors in the two that are out there that we could find were very prohibitively expensive so could we start a company for less than fifty grand learn enough about how to do this that we could serve underserved part of the market right and get it off the ground and and that's kind of where it came from and turns out we could that's fantastic I love that I have I have a similar story of how I got into web development you know essentially my church came to me and they said we want a website and I said I don't know how to do that and then we'll pay you and Mike are okay sweet money's yeah

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