Kurds mobilize in Syria as Turkey poised for imminent attack


A remarkable announcement late on Sunday night the White House said that the United States forces in northern Syria would move aside in advance of a planned Turkish military offensive the move marks a major shift in US foreign policy effectively Turkey the green light to attack us-backed Kurdish forces which would make just the latest time that we have betrayed the Kurds obviously the United States has repeatedly told the they were our allies and that we're working with them only to put them in a situation where they were basically screwed that happens during the Gulf War in nineteen ninety-one when George H W Bush called for the Iraqi military and Iraqi people to throw out Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi Kurds in northern Iraq than actually stood up and tried to do that at which point Saddam Hussein basically gas than the down in the United States did nearly nothing about any of that during the late nineteen ninety s during the Clinton administration the Clinton administration basically armed the Turks could go ahead and kill a bunch of the Kurds on the Turkish border during the Iraq war in two thousand three the removes to help the Kurds and then the Kurds were basically left it to their own devices the Kurds are also more targeted by Isis so this is just the latest iteration of a common pattern which is that we all sound off when it's time to help the Kurds and then the minute that it becomes not time to help everybody runs screaming for the exits and that's just horrible every way you slice it there's no rationale not only for not allowing the Curtis to defend themselves here in providing the resources to do so considering they have been our most consistent ally in that region of the world fighting against Isis fighting against Saddam Hussein fighting against the Iranian Shia militias not only that but helping out the Turks horrible idea because the Turkish government right now is run by Recep Tayyip Erdogan who happens be a dictator and an incredibly repressive dictator at that who was jailed hundreds of thousands of political opponents who has made clear his desire to act brutally and violently toward the Kurds but president trump has been taken by Iran before he's had these sort of warm relations with with air to one in terms of phone calls at the or at least according to CNN following a phone call between US President Donald Trump and Turkish president received Taber won the White House said that Turkey would soon begin military offensive and U. S. forces would not be involved in the operation Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long planned operation into northern Syria statement said the US Armed Forces will not support involved in the operation and US forces having defeated the Isis territorial calvet will no longer be in the immediate

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