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From your breaking news station i'm larry mullen break texas gop senators ted cruz john cornyn say congress must move to shore up immigration laws that put children in jeopardy after a tour of a temporary immigrant children shelter near the border crews says he hopes a bipartisan effort will follow president trump's executive order to keep families together president listened to the concerns that were expressed by me by senator cornyn by texans and people all across the country that kids should stay with their families and and my hope is in the coming days and weeks we will see republicans and democrats coming together the european union is retaliating over us tariffs on imported steel and aluminum with twenty five percent tariffs on select items exported from this country that intern brought a new threat from president trump via twitter the president responding to the eu tariffs taking effect friday targeting americanmade goods largely from states he won in two thousand sixteen he tweets based on the tariffs and trade barriers long placed on the us and it's great companies and workers by the european union if these tariffs and barriers are not soon broken down and removed we will be placing a twenty percent tariff on all of their cars coming into the us build them here he concludes mr trump has been especially critical of german cars lately with that nation's automakers only having three plants in the us and he does not get along well with chancellor angela merkel bob costantini washington the plan to increase the amount of solar power used by the city of albuquerque takes a step forward on monday that's when city officials will gather at the community center to launch phase one of a twenty five million dollar investment that will eventually play solar panels on ten city owned buildings including seven fire stations as well as a community.

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