New Zealand PM's gives birth to 'healthy baby girl'


The opening bell with steve grzanich wbz news time is five o'clock let's get to the news sponsored by midwestlaundries and here is don clinton thanking us chicago women imprisoned in indonesia for the twenty fourteen killing of her mother's given up claim to her mother's estate chicago tribune says the settlement agreed to by heather mac and filed earlier this month and cook county circuit court is confidential however court records are clear mac will not receive any property benefit or other interest the beneficiary of the estate will be maxed daughter stella who was born in prison in march two thousand fifteen a park on the city's northwest side had some surprising materials on its signs swastika stickers with razor blades behind them that's what a woman founded kilborn park sunday other tickets other stickers sorry about that other stickers had the name of a white supremacist group with slogans like refugees not welcome regulars at the park were surprised to hear about the signs that's pretty alarming especially with the kids playing out on the field and razor blades what's the main concern is their safety we don't want none of them getting her neighbors are encouraging everyone to look out for these stickers and razor blades the investigation is ongoing mayoral candidate gary mccarthy back at city hall for the first time since he was fired as police chief mccarthy now running for mayor taking a swipe at mayor emanuel for pay to play politics take a look at the article about trump over the fact that they haven't done their checks and balances since it's been there and donald trump as the mayor of fifty dollars also these things means and i had no fewer that stuff because the former police superintendent also noted elon musk's donation to the mayor and underground loop deal he's pledging transparency merit based diverse hiring and monthly town halls across the city and new zealand prime minister justin to arden's given birth to a baby girl at auckland city hospital artem posted a photo on her instagram account showing her and partner clark effort with the baby at the hospital the thirty seven year olds now just the second elected world leader in modern times to give birth while in office after the late pakistan prime minister benazir bhutto gave birth to daughter back to war in nineteen ninety she wrote she was feeling very lucky to have given birth to a healthy girl and that their daughter arrived at four forty five pm weighing seven point three pounds and now for a look at sports here's dave eanet thank you dot good morning.

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