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You know and i think there are still blue bloods out there that you can't discount i mean you know people say west monroe's fallen off well if you're fallen off in you're playing in the first weekend in december which means you're in the state semifinals and i'll take that fall off any day of the week and i still think katie is going to be good even though they're going through a transition coach ted davidson retire and i think you have the guys in aaa like manny and kinder i think those are good football programs you know to me right now there is a lot of you know i can't i don't wanna use the word parody there are a lot of really good football teams in a state of louisiana this year no allen follows it closely probably even more so to me people are talking about the next two classes of athletes coming up in louisiana high school football being very very special and i would agree with that so you know when you look back at it i think you know in five days castrejon is going to have a very good football teams acura is going to have a good football team hornbills going to have a good football team west monroe is going to have a good football team it's it's kind of who the guy think alan and you can answer this better than i can who's the guy that we don't know about that that may be we'll have an opportunity to come up and knock off one of the one of the blue bloods that are up there right now yeah i think that's a good question and and it seems like every year we kind of have that team last year and you know it was late show they kind of come out of the weather it had the dome and and you know who that team this year that has a chance to make one of those dark horses that comes out and it makes you run i mean coach i know in your in your locker room i'm here everyone thought that you would get to a state championship game i'm not sure how many people how many outsiders would have guys so you'll have one of those years year ago when he came out and beat some very good teams i think y'all run to the playoffs with incredible you know that acadian game is certainly one that will go down as an instant classic all time and the louisiana there in the in the semifinal so i think you're right though there's going to be somebody that we're not talking about right now there's a couple of months i you know they're gonna jump up and say hey we gotta watch out for the four as interesting to allen because again you have car you have eastern you have now novel last year was an anomaly they'll be back to be a novel i'm sure this year you know other than that and four eight you know is there a lakeshore out there any other classification the the split has affected aaa football than any other classification so i'm really not sure of the aaa football teams.

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