Paul McCartney returns to childhood home where the Beatles got their start


Ever walked jurassic world fallen kingdom a lock to top the box office this weekend his tracking to earn between one hundred thirty one hundred forty million dollars in a state byu it's only serious competition is weekend two of incredible to which earned a whopping one hundred eighty million dollars when it opened last weekend and might even nibble at fallen kingdoms dinosaur heels this weekend roseanne is returning without roseanne abc says the canceled sitcom we'll be back this fall minuses controversial star roseanne barr but with the rest of the stars intact the show's new title will be the connors at least for now paul mccartney toured his liverpool hometown last night and saying more than a few beatles hits when he guested on the late late show's carpool karaoke and happy birthday to three time oscar winner meryl streep she's sixty nine today i'm christopher watson mccartney had an interesting story to tell james corden last night while visiting his childhood home in liverpool you explained his father gave him some advice the first time he heard the song she loves you so then you go in here song listen you know you wanna hear song okay so say okay listen to the whole song is she said but said americanisms around couldn't you sing she loves you no and then later the two saying let it be.

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