China blocks talk of John Oliver for taunting leader Xi Jinping


Sixty nine today i'm christopher watson popular chinese social media side is blocking people from posting about last week tonight and it's hbo host john oliver after the news satire program aired a segment this week making fun of chinese president xi jinping attempts to send posts with either the terms john oliver or last week tonight on the sina wybo micro blog were met with failure messages saying the content contains information that violates relevant laws and regulations oliver's show on sunday made satirical references to president xi and the way that chinese internet users often joke that he resembles winnie the pooh the show also referred to china's internet intermittent internment rather of hundreds of thousands of members of the muslim minority group political indoctrination camps in that country the father of late fashion designer kate spade has died her family says eighty nine year old earl brosnahan died the night before his daughter's funeral which is being held today in kansas city missouri he'd been in failing health and family members said he was heartbroken over his daughter's retha recent death kate spade died june fifth after hanging herself in her new york city apartment federal investigators now know and ohio man who committed suicide in two thousand two was living under a stolen identity federal marshal peed elliott says the man known as joseph newton chandler third is actually us navy veteran robert ivan nichols who was reported missing in nineteen sixty five robert ivan nichols never wanted to be found throughout his lifetime even into is someone out there may hold the key as to why nichols was found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound in two thousand to the real joseph newton chandler died at.

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