Taiwan's Foxconn calls Sino-U.S. trade spat a 'tech war'


It's concerns with the government for the past year but without success the president of the european commission has said the block will do whatever is necessary to safeguard its trade interests has it imposed additional tariffs on more than three billion dollars worth of us products jean claude yukos's had president trump's decision to tax steel and aluminium made little sense tweet is built on trust reliable the united states decision to impose tariffs on your goes against that in fact it goes against all logic is our response must be clear but what we have to do to balance and save a range of american goods from jeans to bourbon whiskey is now subject to higher tariffs consumers will see that prices rise almost immediately they won't come down again until the deal can be reached the man who established the giant electronic components manufacturer foxconn has said the biggest challenge to his company is the prospect of a trade war between the united states and china foxconn makes products for some of the world's best known brands including apple and playstation delivers parts from factories mainly in china to companies around the world foxconn chairman terry go fears a trade war would put his company's business model at risk an indonesian cleric who declared his support for the islamic state group has been sentenced to death for his role in a terror attack rebecca hench cat has this report a judge found amman abdurachman guilty of masterminding the two thousand and six gun and swiss night attack in downtown jakarta in which four people died as well as four of the assailants it was the first attack claimed by the socalled islamic state in southeast asia abdurrahman is considered the group's defacto head in indonesia and is also the spiritual leader of a local extremist group which the authorities believe was behind a wave of suicide bombings in churches last month p pleaded not guilty telling the court that he had inspired his followers to travel to syria to fight with is but had not ordered them to carry out attacks in indonesia news from the bbc the greek finance minister has welcomed along the way to deal with eurozone countries agreeing a repayment schedule for the country's debt euclid soccer lotto's corded historic moment and said it sent a signal to the markets that greece was turning a new page.

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